Reiko’s Fragments-Pixel Canvas Studios

Released Sep 2019 4.2★
Never have a dead party again! In this VR vs Crowd game, the VR player must escape a haunted house, a vengeful ghost and even worse, their friends playing as spirits who have full control over the house they’re trying to escape!

Show off the best Virtual Reality can offer by taking turns putting your friends in a haunted house and controlling the scares. As a VR player, try to escape before the ghost finds you but beware, she reacts to sound and every step you make could be your last.

Supports up to 8 players on their phones and one player in VR.

User Reviews

Oct 14, 2019
This game is too terrified to play.
We will be terrified experiences like that we are in the real horror places.

Nov 12, 2019
A great start to a new twist in horror VR. Still in beta at that time of this review, iwth only one mode/map/difficulty, but the ability to have others jin works as advertised.

Jan 20, 2020
Super fun and incredibly scary. Good to play with friends to use your phone to scare them, really great idea. Cant recommend it enough!

Nov 01, 2019
Injouable meme dans l’écran d’accueil (avec une configuration superieure a la conf requise)

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