Robot Avatar Explorer-Junnichi Suko

Released Feb 2019
Let’s explore the moon with a giant robot.

1. Move to under the robot by touching the touchpad.
One touchpad moves to the front, rear, left and right.
The other is a rotation.

Touch the red cube in the robot.
The robot can be operated.
The position of the hand of the input robot imitates the position of your controller and its movement becomes the motion of a huge robot.

Touch the cube that moves the input robot up and down to adjust the position of the input robot.

4. Move back and forth, right and left with one touch pad.
Vertical movement and rotation with the other touch pad.
Grab aliens with grip.

5. Collect aliens of three colors then game is cleared.

Attention to VR sickness.

The generated aliens are random and appear different each time.

It is an application like an attraction that provides a few minutes of extraordinary experience.

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