Released May 2017 3.5★
Want to work for a company like no other? Get a job at the factories of Death Trap Inc! Use your brains to solve puzzles and save the robots Alice, Bob, Clark, Dennis and Ernest from certain doom. Remote-control the numerous deadly products of the company with your Vive remote, leading your robotic co-workers to the finish line. Drive to the different levels in your monorail-cubicle, earn promotions, and be rewarded with coffee mugs and bobbleheads for your desk. Can you save them all and become “employee of the year”?

– Detailed and unique game world
– 16 challenging levels
– Copious rewards for your desk
– Drive around in your monorail office (or switch off the movement if you get motion sick easily)
– Text and voices in English and German

User Reviews

May 13, 2017
A nice simple puzzled game. Graphics aren’t the greatest, but perfectly acceptable. The challenges require some thought and planning. The presenter adds some humour, and so the game itself isn’t too bad at all.

That said, all the sliding around may induce nausea, if you suffer from that.

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