Rock Top-魔视互动

Released Oct 2019 2.0★
Welcome to Rock Top an exciting rock climbing game designed natively for Virtual Reality. Exercise your shoulders and neck as you take the role of a climber who adventures around the world taking on epic climbing locations in jungles, deserts, icebergs and so on. You will feel your adrenaline pumped up scaling stylized rendered heights with unique climbing tools such as the fast-sliding saw or the shivering axe, caution and techniques are required as you aim for the next hold and avoid traps. Challenge your friends in Rock Top’s multiplayer mode and see how good you are compared to other virtual climbers in global rankings. Feel the exhilaration in conquering extreme heights, check out Rock Top!

User Reviews

Oct 30, 2019
Broken. Poorly programmed. You’d think that when you reach and press the trigger, you would grab the thing you reached for. Instead, you fall to your death or your hand slides way off until the game no longer registers that you’re grabbing anything. THEN you fall to your death. The mechanisms that kill you don’t behave consistently and can kill you even when you’re no longer nearby.

Pretty looking game though.

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