RollerForce-Headtrip Games llc

Released Oct 2016 3.7★
RollerForce is a thrilling “On-Rails” VR Roller coaster shooter mix. Battle your way through 10 tracks in two world locations, SHOOT TO SURVIVE!

High energy virtual reality ‘Arcade shooting’ that’s fast, intense and fun. Hand crafted tracks with multiple levels of intensity as well as free ride modes, so anyone can experience worlds full of enemies, bizarre creatures and geometric forms. Prepare to experience 360 duel wielding (physics based) blaster shooting like you have never experienced before!

– 10 Tracks in 2 distinct worlds
– Survival game play + 2 free ride tracks for practice or casual play
– Dual wielding, motion controller blasting action
– Hand crafted tracks made for VR and FUN
– Physics based missile shooting at top speeds
– Audio muting so you can play your own BG music
– Highly optimized, including single pass stereo rendering and more
– Rated E for everyone 10+

User Reviews

Jan 08, 2018
Runs very smoothly….my puppy is jealous of my time on the game….

Apr 22, 2019
very simple…your on a rollercoaster shooting cosmic enemies in space going between astroids and trying to shoot green energy blobs to regain your energy. The objective is to make 3 laps without losing your energy or having the enemies destroy you. The graphics are great. If there could be a points board and additional side objectives that could boost the guns or offer energy regain bonus’ it would be a more complete game….potential to be a a top title with work but considering the last update this one might be a simple tester game to show your nonVR friends some high paced graphics intensity as it didnt get enough recognition

Feb 20, 2019
awesome game love the music, graphics and think the game is terrific

Jan 27, 2018
If you like roller coasters, and you like wave shooters, this game is the perfect mix for you. I personally find i can only play twice in a session before i start to feel a little queezy. But the roller coaster is reasonably slow, which helps prevent nausea. Feel free to remove the tracks for a bit more of an intence experience. Sadly don;t feel this deserves more than 3*. You have a score, why not put it in a local score board? Also, some tracks have green rockets next to them, others dont.. why? Did i miss something? I thought it means i had completed them and they were marked as green. But i completed track 2, and that won;t go green for the life of me. So its all a bit confusing. This game is great for what it is. But it could do with a few tweaks to give it some replayability.

Oct 04, 2019
Fun enough for a short while, and really quite beautiful.

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