Royal Equestrian-HugeHard

Released Jun 2017 1.3★
Game features:
1, Based on a simple motion capture mobile operating mode, riding a horse and chariot, the eagle, the whole scene freely.
2, MCA close combat system, in VR conditions to provide a good sense of strike, laying the foundation, making close combat to achieve fun dripping.
3, Large-scale MMARPG scale, rich main and feeder plot, little game.
4, Complete equipment system. Swords, spears, bows and more than ten kinds of weapons. There are dragons, rings and other hidden kill you waiting to explore.
5, The poignant story, how can there be no love, beauty at home waiting for you to develop?.
6, Complete task, online function will be formally launched in September.
7, In the history will record this: VR two years, trend of chaos, Royal Equestrian out, re vibration.

User Reviews

Nov 12, 2019
If you have any sensitivity to motion sickness, avoid.

Jul 08, 2017

I didn’t like this because the instructions were not in English and it made the game unplayable for me. I also contacted Viveport and did not get a reply about the issue. Really dissapointed in them.

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