Runes: The Forgotten Path-Stormborn Studio

Released Dec 2018
In Runes you are a renegade wizard fighting for survival in a virtual fantasy world. Use the movement of your hands to cast powerful spells, solve puzzles and fight enemies. Explore rich and detailed worlds in complete VR immersion in this story driven fantasy adventure.

You are Leth, a wizard who awakens after a long slumber trying to escape from the Oblivion, a magical sleep prison of the mind. Your spells are forgotten. During the game you will recollect his memories bit by bit, recalling your past and figuring out the mystery behind a magical world populated by bizarre and unsettling entities. How did you become trapped in Oblivion? Who put you there? And why?

Astray from the path of righteousness and trapped inside yourself by the tyrannical order of the Panopticon, you will have to face a blank beginning. With the use of your powerful spells and wits you will solve puzzles, fight enemies and pursue the recollection of all your lost memories.

-100% designed for room scale VR.
– Cast spells by drawing in the air with motion controllers.
– Smooth locomotion, teleport and 4th wall (new seamless innovative locomotion) are all options.
-Full story driven VR title with different environments and puzzle solving.
-Photogrammetry for full deep and immersive worlds.
-Nodding system: answer to questions just by moving your head.

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