Released Feb 2018 2.0★
Sanatorium is an immersive adventure where you have to find your way through different locations, such as old abandoned sanatorium and a sinister forest, in order to escape.

Along the way, you will have to solve different puzzles and gather information in order to understand why you found yourself here and who is behind all these events! A wrong decision could cost you your life!

Do you have the courage and luck to get out of this chilling adventure alive?!

User Reviews

Jan 10, 2019

This is the sort of “game” you expect to see in google cardboard for your phone. It is terrible. The game is a seriese of 2D still images that you look at. Looking at an exagurated icon will trigger an audio clip that progresses the story forward.

Dec 24, 2018

The worst game I played in VR ! WTF with my size in this game ? I have the impression to be far too tall and the environment too… Weird !

Jun 19, 2018

Pour l’instant n°1 dans mon top 5 des pires étrons vr auxquels j’ai joué.
–> Juste des photos en 360°.
–> Aucune interaction, juste du point and clic.
–> Je m’enfuis d’un asile en ruine où j’étais enfermé avec des cadavres, j’arrive à la voiture, je veux fuir mais j’ai pas les clééééééés alors je dois retourner dans la zone dangereuse. Abherrant.

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