Sanguo Warriors VR 2-冠赢互娱

Released Aug 2018 3.0★
The player plays the role of a ranger in the Three Kingdoms period. In the era of disputes, he is free from the edge of the main battlefield, and he tries his best to make justice for the world.

Introduction to the game:

1. Operation: The trigger can be picked up/lowered. The sword can be placed on the side of the body with the bow behind it. In both modes of movement, the left hand disc moves smoothly and the right hand disc sprints.

2. Combat: The main attack and defense mechanisms are in the operation of the player’s handle. Players can use weapons to block and attack enemies, or use weapons to destroy flying arrows, use a bow to kill them remotely, and even use arrows to shoot enemy arrows. As long as the operation is good enough, in theory, you can rely on the weapons in your hand to avoid most of the enemy’s physical attacks.

3. Weapons: There are 5 categories of weapons that players can use. Each type of weapon has a corresponding powerful skill. It is triggered by the gesture of the handle waving. The trigger gestures of each type of weapon skill are different, such as the combo of the common sword. The power of the bow is scattered.

4. Levels: There are simple scene explorations, organ puzzles, and multiple food items to reply. If you use a torch to burn the fence of the road, use bow and arrow to shoot and trigger some organs, and move the boulder to crack the organs.

5. BOSS Battle: Every three-nation tiger that the player has to face will have a unique combat design. The current level is open to Yan Liang and Wen Chou.

User Reviews

Sep 01, 2018
Good Graphics a bit hard but the sound does not work ( have since discovered if you fiddle with the sound settings on your PC take it out of vive sound to pc speakers then back it does work). Still think the game is way too hard even on easy setting but least its all working now

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