Screensavers VR-FLOAT LAND

Released Oct 2019
Stop staring at your screen– dive in and save virtual reality!

* Plunge your body into a dozen screensavers, evolved from the classics.
* Physically manipulate digital worlds! Explore each micro-universe through wild parameters and VR-only effects like scale.
* Kick back in the semi-authentic 90’s office-den simulation and read original writing about the screensaver phenomenon.
* Warp through stars like never before! Experience and endless starfield in HD!
* Can you reach the end of M A Z E?
* Pipes are so real, you’ll swear you hit your head.

A digital escape from your worries, Screensavers VR is respite and recovery from modern living. We honor this fascinating moment in history as the absurd and creative evolution of a straightforward technical need, and carry this ethos forward.

Coming Soon
* Attain peace of mind with multiple comfort options.
* Relax for real with laying down mode!

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