Sea Battle VR-视趣互动(天津)科技有限公司

Released Nov 2017 1.8★
This game bring the player back into the Age of Wind that happened in 15th century to 16th century.
Our Developer takes every advantage of modern Virtual Reality Technology to offer player a real adventure.
, 1:1 recreated 15-16th century’s warships into a realistic world.
Players will cooperated together to fight other players’ group all over the real world.
Remember! solidarity and cooperation is the only way you can survive in our game.
Our game offered player the simplest operating method, realistic art, unique playing strategy and PVP matching.

User Reviews

Aug 05, 2019
This is a bare bones game that needs some TLC… and a translator.
First, the translation. I’m going to commend the creator for gameplay that is self explanitory (this is a bit like telling a toddler he’s a good boy for eating his vegetables, but I feel that the guy seserves SOMETHING positive) but I’m fairly cirtain I missed something in the ‘how to’ portion of the game
As for the graphics….
Mediocre to bad, but the look of the game isn’t important, only the feel, and oh boy does the feel need some work. Breakneck running speeds, janky hitboxes, and arms that are connected to your HEAD of all things. My arms are not that long or in that place IRL, just wanna say.
Gameplay seems simple, but again that’s not a bad thing. Complex games tend to eat processing power, something I’m glad to say this does not. Again, if I can figure out how to play, you’re doing something right.

Oct 12, 2018
everything is in moon speak and i cant get past the begining area just keeps reseting me.

Oct 17, 2018

Buggy and genuinely awful. In-game graphics don’t match up to position of controllers so it feels really disorienting to interact with items. Movement system is horrible and you can only move directly forwards in the way you are facing. And to top it off it is only available in Chinese. It feels like a game someone knocked up in their bedroom in a week. Avoid.

Feb 17, 2019

This game intresting but a person entering the ship. And then showing little ship putdown inside showing red circle. and then battle start it always blank only music playing. Try to do anything for playing this game.

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