Secret Doctrine-Lama14Kulan

Released Jun 2017 1.9★
Secret Doctrine – first person adventure, puzzle game.
Science-fiction story for any age, dedicated to Robert Sheckley.

“Do we always know for sure where a subway car is taking us to? Wherever it is traveling to, it is us who choose the route.
A routine trip back home turns into a course of unusual adventures for the hero of the story”.

The game is guaranteed to put you in a good mood! You will be impressed!

Chinese – subtitles;
English – full audio, subtitles;
Russian – full audio, subtitles.

User Reviews

Oct 15, 2017
I think it is meant to be played with the Keyboard and mouse – and not the controllers.
But I can’t even get it to open unfortunately. It opens, but not through the headset – only on my computer screen.

Jul 29, 2017
Nice graphics and game design, but the controls are horribly broken. I can’t understand how this ended up on the Vive subscription service without even rudimentary Vive controller support. The only control is thumb pad swipe for movement, but in world space, not even player space, so it’s very difficult to move around. And it’s not even possible to select highlighted objects with the trigger. Having a Vive game that requires keyboard for all controls kind of defeats the purpose. This game has potential. I’ll try again when they figure out how to use the Vive controllers.

Sep 02, 2017

Omg so terrible. Totally regret getting this. The voice acting is terrible, the controls are terrible. The whole story is cheesy, but not in a cool way.

Aug 17, 2017

Dosen´t load. I believe it due to the copyrigh or other issues i have read about.To Steam Team: i would be nice if i could remove this one from subscription and change it for another title.

Jul 18, 2017

I don’t get VR games in which you have to use the keyboard and mouse (Vive controllers not used). It’s a shame cos the game itself looks good. 🙁

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