Seek & Destroy – Steampunk Arcade-GamestormVR

Released Jan 2018 3.0★
Pure 19th century arcade action as you go armed with a Steam powered Rail Gun and Hammers, TESLA powered Lightning! and Magnets.

Encased in your exo-suit YOU are the STEAMHAMMER! Your challenge is to SEEK & DESTROY the enemy and rack up the biggest score you can!

With over 36 ingenious weapon combos and a whole host of clockwork automatons to bash, smash and electrocute! Your will be immersed in Victorian London for your challenge, so try not to be too distracted by the iconic surroundings and battle to boost your score and see how far you can dominate your way to the top of the Global Leaderboards!

Challenges Include:

Panic on the Streets of London
Bar Room Brawl
Big Ben Bash
Kick in the Crown Jewels

Astoundingly Steampunk Yet Somewhat Futuristic Features:

Unique VR Combat: With six different weapons and two hands you have over 36 weapon combinations with an amazing amount of physics to master.
Voice Commands: Want to keep you finger securely on the trigger? No problem, you can use several one word voice commands to instantly switch your weapon load out mid battle
Choice of Free Movement, S.M.A.R.T. Teleport or use a combination of both.
4 Camera Angles and Auto Camera Switch for Monitors: See all the action from several angles or just let ‘auto cam’ switch between them
Challenging and Not so Challenging: Easy, Medium and Hard settings available for all modes
Testing Range: Before you go into the fray you can test all the functionality of your Exo-Suit and weapons
Explore two Iconic London Locations – Westminster & The Tower of London
An Amazing Original Soundtrack album from Polish sound Magician Przemek Kasperski

User Reviews

Mar 21, 2018
Seek & Destroy – Steampunk Arcade isn’t a bad game. It’s fun—just like GamestormVR’s previous steampunk adventure—and it has quite a few levels to keep you enthralled for a few hours. I just wish that the game had more of a unique feel. Instead, it’s a watered-down version of SteamHammerVR that fails to stand on its own.

Sep 12, 2019
Swap weopon is mapped to the same button as movement. That means that the two controls jitter between each other constantly. Unplayable in its current state.

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