Seeking Dawn VR Review

The scenery in the game is really good.
The audio and graphics are well designed.
The locations are surprisingly detailed.
Slightly more in-depth content would have made this game perfect
It’s close to being a perfect game where you can escape to a different dimension.


• Very enjoyable in-game world
• The game’s visuals are enjoyable. Excellent graphics
• Surprising amount of AI interactions
• The audio pairs well with the game


• I would like more in-depth content


A great game that is so close to being perfect

What other players are saying about this game:

softLAD ® ™

loved it, graphically it is brilliant, think of the movie Avatar and your close.
mechanics worked well
motion is epic and supprisingly with all you can do including sprinting i had zero motion sickness
10/10 from me


It’s difficult to describe, in 900 characters, how amazing this game is; so, I’ll try my best. The story, graphics, and gameplay are absolutely astonishing. First of all, the story Seeking Dawn takes you on, is well thought out. (a continuation on this story would be awesome) Second, the graphics quality is some of the best I’ve ever seen on any VR game, so far. As far as gameplay, that’s the best part! Throughout my experience, I have enjoyed going back and forth, gathering resources, and returning to my base to craft ammo, food, and tools. The ambient creatures roaming around add a deep sense of immersion. The enemies, however, seem a bit generic and could use some improvement. It would be nice to see some “dynamic” AIs. In all, this is by far my absolute favorite game, for VR.


I’m relatively new to VR and this is one of the first titles I’m playing on my own rig. So far I’m absolutely loving it!

The game makes good use of the vive controllers. There is a particularly enjoyable quick select menu for switching between equipment and items. Simply hit the menu button, a radial wheel of your items pops up, reach for the one that you want and it will be equipped in whichever hand you reached out with.

There is a variety of movement and view methods. currently I’m using the smooth look and move options, which I believe should be the most likely to induce motion sickness, but I’ve had no issues.

I’m not far in, but the story is compelling enough to make me want to continue and the gameplay has been a blast!


Best VR game I have played so far. This game is like halo and the text in the GUI and onscreen text are large and easily readable. The aiming is also spot on which is neccessary in shooter game when things start getting faster paced. I noticed as a indie dev my self a cave asset pack that was very nicly blended in with the enviroment. I almost did’nt recognize it. 🙂


Absolutely one of the best games in VR!
Great co-op, crafting, base building, and a decently long campaign!
I highly recommend this gorgeous game!!

Also, I see many complaining about teleporting not knowing that the game is also full locomotion. It’s a shame a lot of people gave it bad ratings for something that it doesn’t deserve.


i may have only just started but so far the games pretty fun.


Great Shotting game style sci-fi . Excelent grafics .


only played for an hour or so but this game is amazing-everything one would hope for in a vr game – immersive, atmospheric. great graphics and an intruiging story with good action. so far well worth the asking price.
thanks for making a great game and i hope there are more!


Simply stunning and brilliant attention to detail.

Absorbing from the first moment you enter the game. I love the HUD display and the movement system (you chose preferred options from teleport, blink, etc). The graphics and stability is second to none. An experience you totally lose yourself in! Fantastic!


Brilliant job Multiverse, finally VR is coming of age. As reviewed elsewhere, think Avatar without the blue monkeys. Graphics are beautiful, if a little dark at times. I have had motion sickness with a number of other titles but this is solid as a rock. The interface is well thought out and presented and the world well designed. The weapons, enemies and combat are well done and the inclusion of gathering and crafting adds yet more gold stars.
This has set the bar for what a VR shooter/rpg needs to be, more please.


What a great game, only played about an hour so far but so far so good, can’t wait to jump right back in, kill some bugs and build that bass up !

Viveport User

Really fun game and the customer service if you have any sort of issue is awesome. I had a glitch that happened a few hours in and I just facebook messaged them and they responded quickly and fixed it.

The only problem with the game that I found is that it crashes for some reason if I don’t save often, so if you have that issue just make sure you save frequently and it will be just fine.

Looking fwd to more games from these guys and gals.


I recommended play this game, it is very inmersive and large (to VR standars).
– Good First Person Shooter
– The Environment looks amazing
– 8-10 hours of game
– Boss fights.
– The survival part is annoying (the caracter only tell you that he is hungry or thirsty… this is all…)
– The harvester – construct part is very limited.
– The IA it is not the best.
– It is not compatible with SteamVR Beta..
Note: Do not use SteamVR Beta to play the game, which causes a bug in the beginning. Go to the Steam VR properties and turn off the Beta option, and disable the desktop game theather too, since that just closes the game when you try to start it. Also, I ran into an issue where I couldn’t open my backpack during the tutorial. I had to restart the game, then it was fine.


Reminds me of Robinson the journey, nice graphics, average gameplay, it had me immersed & I’m picky about VR games. £42 on Viveport though? Damn! Nope. £15 maybe. Glad I got to trial it out at least.

Arturo Badillo

This is a GREAT game, awesome graphics, well detailed storyline… but it has SO many loading screens! and they are SO lenghty!…

It also needs a better guidance, like i feel things are not clearly explained.
This is an awesome game, it has little detais to fix!


Awesome game! definitely recommend at the very least give it try on a viveport subscription. it’s way more economical, but you won’t get any achievements unlocked unless you get it on $T3@M.

Yes, it probably has:
(1) a dozen bugs/glitches,
(2) you’ll occasionaly glitch right through the map and die,
(3) a hard to follow/disjointed campaign/story line,
(4) a 30-60 second load time between level loads and some framedrops.
(5) still feels like it should be in its Early Access stage


For VR, you can tell a lot of effort was put in into making/design it. the graphics and environment are pretty cool, and the motion mechanics are kinda nice. Haven’t tried multiplayer, but if Multiverse comes out with a 4-pack on sale, I may have to pick it back up and do a re-play w/ friends.


Some minor glitches make it a bit trickier than it should be and the game is a bit unforgiving prior to getting the portal gun, but overall this is a fun and engaging game that is well made for VR. Once you get the hang of the glitches, they are easily worked around and you can play smoothly. Interesting story and solid graphics make this a very solid game.


Awesome environment, engaging story and cool gameplay. I love it so far. It’s most definitely worth playing if you like the adventure shooters. Some errors I ran across are sound being out of sync. Some of the non hostile lizards I shot curl up like they die, but continue moving. The forging in the base station is buggy. Don’t make the same mistake I did by trying to have a workshop in the big area because it seems the game will only let you use only one of the forges in the room. The others don’t open up. Good stuff so far just work through the bugs and let the devolopers know what to work on. Thanks for the awesome subscription game. Also an option to be able to teleport by holding down the touch pad and using the finger sensor to walk would be nice. I can’t walk all the time cause i’ll get motion sickness. but just to use it to strafe and fight enemies would be good.


Wow this game is GREAT. Like the atmosphere and the graphics are great, really is pulling me in and keeping my interest. The game kind of reminds me of the Metroid Prime games in a way.

Somethings that kept me from giving it 5 stars are some technical issues like, the inventory menu would not stay open a couple times randomly, which mean’s I couldn’t do much and the lip syncing was off when the character we speaking same with sound effects as well at some points. Also, locomotion is a little annoying, I think there should be an option to touch pad to walk at a certain speed and then pressing will allow you to sprint and then you if you want faster then sprinting, then swing your arms. Nothing a little patching can’t fix 🙂

After some fixing, this would be a top notch VR game!! I highly recommend giving this a try!


It felt like playing an Halo Campaing , very well dont , i like the crafting and harvesting. There are a bunch of bugs where you fall off the map and don’t die and only way to get back is to restart. It has a save feature but no in game load featuer you have to exit to title screen and then load the last game which was a bit annoying but overall it was lots of fun , good story and graphics , overall a great shooter with a hint of RPG elements. 4 out of 5 stars cuz of the bugs and the missing load save game feature in game.


Only played about 45 minutes so far, it’s a shooter with some base building elements. The gunplay seems ok, but I only had the first pistol.

Graphics seem ok-ish (warning: large bugs / spiders / wasps and critters) but frame rate seems low on a Ryzen 2700 – GeForce 1080 – Oculus combo.

There’s also quite a few glitches that are quite distracting, when loading screens appear, the graphics get very distorted.. let’s hope there’s a patch coming that improves things.


Graphics are Good
Controls are Okay
Gameplay is bad, you need to get items to make ammo so you can shoot bad guys, once you run out you need to scavage for items to make ammo, ammo can only be made in a underground level and you cannot get inside once you go to other levels.
Story seems okay. Would be a great game if you had good amount of ammo to kill bad guys and see the rest of the story.

I see the potential for this game but every time ive played so far ive quit i cant stand the movement scheme you need to increase the distance of the teleport if you want to know the perfect movement controls look at dead effect 2 or sairento their vr movement is flawless other than that the games been good i just cant keep teleporting 5 feet at a time and the blink takes you out of the game and the walk if you could double click or auto run it wouldnt be bad but the way its set up now is flawed. Im not bashing this game it looks good and seems potential awesome but if youre not comfortable moving around nothing matters


It made a very good first impression. But even on easy totally unbalanced. You just won’t deal any damage and enemys rush you to death. Fights take forever and you’ll take breaks for eating all the time. Usually it is best to just run through them and hope the best. Enemies respawn, resources not. It just lost its fun at some point. Seems hardly tested before releasing it here to me…

Performance got worse with latest patch?

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