Shattered Lights-Team Morbid

Released May 2019 4.2★
Shattered Lights is a one-of-a-kind, fully roomscale based VR horror game which takes you on a journey down a seemingly abandoned underground medical facility armed with nothing but a flashlight and your sanity.

Using non-euclidean geometry the game will immerse you into a world where every single step you take is purely physical and you’ll never once have to use controllers to move around, even so, you’ll still be able to explore intricate areas, impossible geometry and any situation that Shattered Lights will throw at you.

Do Note:

Shattered Lights requires a play area of at least 2m x 2m (6 feet and 7 inches). There’s an option to play within a smaller space of 1.5m x 1.5m, but this is not recommended as it makes for a less stable experience, which some may experience as unpleasant.

The Team:

Team Morbid is a student team studying International Game Architecture & Design Programme at the Breda University Of Applied Sciences.

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User Reviews

Oct 27, 2019
You know what kind of VR experiences come out of a university? Innovative ones. This is seriously good stuff, and I’ve never seen the use of confined space used to this level. I can only hope that Team Morbid abandons whatever plans they had for the future to focus on VR game design.
* Not a walking simulator. The walking is real. And the crawling.
* Beautiful scenes. My only complaint is that the monster is too highly visible, and it pulls me out of the horror when they just vanish like a game sprite (the shadow vanishing with a flicker of the lights is brilliant).
* I played at 3m and 2m, and both were just fine.
* Under 2m, they use an accelerator, so one step is more like a step-and-a-bit. Those who suffer from motion sickness won’t like this. Still: Innovation!
* It supports the Oculus Rift, yet the grip button is not properly utilised. A minor grip gripe, but (full review on Steam)

sehr knapp bemessen und keine art tutorial wie man am anfang spielen soll

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