Ship Surveyor Through the Ages – VR-Lloyd’s Register Foundation

Released Jan 2020 5.0★
The Lloyd’s Register Foundation Heritage & Education Centre is proud to introduce our unique VR experience, set across three different time periods. You take on the role of surveyor, tasked with tracking down and investigating hazards and faults on board three ships throughout history. Will you be able to locate them all before the time runs out? Anchors aweigh!

User Reviews

Jan 26, 2020
This is more of a Education Narrative than a game, I really did not see it as a game but they made it fun by asking you to play a role and locate certain items under a time limit. It is not very long but it is my hope that they will add to this project at a later date. I enjoyed it. Thank you very much

Jan 29, 2020
This experience is very fun and has brilliant graphics . I found it to be a great tool to teach me on what to look for when assessing a ship and at the same time making it fun.

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