Some of the best VR headsets for business

There are all sorts of reasons to want to buy a VR headset. If you are a gamer, your considerations are different from those of a business person. When buying your headset for business the level of comfort when moving around a lot is not as important. It is also not so important to consider the scope of movement, as the amount of walking around you will be doing will be limited.

However, what is vital for business people is affordability mixed with professionalism. When buying tech, you need an obvious return on your investment but you also need your clients to perceive that you are serious about your work.

With this in mind, let’s explore some of the best headsets to use in a professional setting.

Oculus Quest

If money was no option, then the Oculus Quest would not make it to the top of the list of headsets. However, if you need a headset to serve a professional purpose without costing the Earth, then this should be your first consideration.

Oculus has been in business for a long time. They have pioneered VR technology from the beginning. Consequently, there is a solid success story behind any product they release. The Oculus Go was a successful proof of concept and the Quest is so much better than this.

You would want to consider the Quest more than any other because it is portable. You are not tethered to a PC or a console, which means it can be used in a showroom or in a clients’ meeting. Although there are cleverer headsets out there, you will pay for features that you do not need. There is also a question of whether you just need the user to be comfortable rather than impressed.

Samsung Odyssey+

This is the best headset offered by the Windows Mixed Reality platform. The headset has an impressive picture quality and the price still remains in the reasonable range. If you are selling a product through a headset, such as a car or a home, then this is the best choice by far. We are impressed with how hard the developers have worked to reduce the graining you can experience in other products.

Oculus Rift S

We have already established the credentials of Oculus in the production of VR technology. The experience they bring to development makes a significant difference in the products they produce. There is an obvious reason why Oculus remains the market leader; they are the best. The Rift S drops below the Quest because your client will be tethered to the PC via a wire. However, if you are using this headset for your business conferences and virtual meetings, then you should choose this over the Quest. The tracking and refresh on the model are excellent, making this a superior VR experience.

Valve Index

Here is the headset we would suggest if money were no object. The technology costs close to $1000, which is a serious investment at any level of business. However, the high-end graphics and the field of vision are second to none. However, if we were being honest, you don’t need this level of spec for the sort of experiences offered to clients – unless you are a luxury car brand offering virtual driving experiences. This headset is best suited to the serious gamer, who spends a lot of time perfecting their tournament credentials.

Playstation VR

This headset attaches itself to a gaming console. Therefore, you will be immediately convinced that this has no place in business. However, don’t be quick to judge The gaming companies have had to overcome some significant challenges with VR technology. First, the headsets get really hot when you are wearing them for a long time. Second, motion sickness is a genuine issue for some people. The gaming console producers have had to work harder than most to make the headset comfortable to wear for long periods. Therefore, it is worth giving the Playstation VR a try, as it might be perfectly suited to your business and comes at a reasonable price.

Google Cardboard

Now, if the VR experience is a novelty experience in your business rather than something central to your success, then don’t dismiss the Google Cardboard. This is the lowest cost VR headset on the market; therefore, it is worth a mention. It might feel like a gimmick when you hand the headset over to a client, so this is a downside. However, it does introduce some of the properties of VR in a simple design that allows you to use it without worrying about damage. It is literally made of cardboard, with a couple of powerful lenses and works just fine. It might be good enough and at a cheap price, so it might be worth some research.

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive is an impressive piece of kit and comes with the best motion controllers on the market. The sensitivity of these controllers sets it apart from other models. However, the question for you is how much are the controllers integral to the experience for your business and your clients. Sure, the controllers are outstanding for navigating the virtual world – but if all you are doing is sitting and moving through an environment or interacting in a virtual communal world then this is too much for the job.

LG 360 VR

Finally, and maybe unfairly low on the list, comes the LG 360 VR. It falls down the list because it is designed to connect to an LG device via a USB cable, so it is limited in its applicability across settings. The headset also feels too large on your face, which doesn’t feel as comfortable as most. However, there is a decent graphics quality for a reasonable price. Therefore, it is worth your consideration.