Speak Of The Devil-Light Sail VR

Released Nov 2019 2.0★
Awoken by a nightmare, you find yourself alone in your tent. A couple has set up camp uncomfortably close to your campsite. They are looking for something ancient. Undeterred by rumors of cult worship, and the various missing-persons reports over the years, they set off into territory clearly marked ‘no trespassing’. Compelled by an urge to follow, you set off to explore this isolated forest yourself.

As you venture deeper into the unknown parts of the wood, you discover strange burned effigies, bloody pentagrams, and mysterious runes–is there truth to this woman’s story? Screams pierce the stillness of the forest. Something ancient and demonic has awoken. Will you be able to escape with your life?

User Reviews

Jan 09, 2020
Ok, so…the content is captivating for about the first couple minutes into the lovely couple introducing themselves. Problem I’m experiencing which I do not experience with any other game is the flipping of what is supposed to be 360 VR eye to an unbearable visual distortion. When I close one eye and open the other I see one video up really close, the other eye is semi-functional. When I look up or down, the trees all come to a point in the center and the ground is incredibly distorted. The arrow to advance to the next step into the woods becomes lost. I stopped and restarted Speak of the Devil a few times but it happens in the first steps leaving the campsite. I’d say something is up with my Vive Pro but it has no issues in any other programs and in ‘Reality’ it seems like it really isn’t compatible with the headset.
I have the GForce GTX 1060 6GB,Intel I7 8700K CPU 3.7Ghz, 16GB Ram

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