Speed and Scream-iNFINITE Production

Released May 2017 2.9★
Visit worlds of our imagination, on a ride. In this collection, you’ll find 4 rollecoaster rides

== 2.0 UPDATE ==
Since the initial release we’ve listened to feedback and today release a 2.0 update, with Industrial and Bloody Mists maps reworked, improved sound design and UX. Enjoy!

Traveller (Synced wih music track)
Distant world where our laws of physics on longer apply that can be only explored with a V8 powered hovercraft.

Warp Drive (Synced wih music track)
See how fast can you go, on the moon surface with low gravity, no air resistance. Can you reach warp speeds?

This facility once produced electricity for nearby town, now is pretty much abandoned, except for some light manufacturing here and there. Oh, and there is also a ride now.

Bloody Mists
Visit the realm of the dead and experience it’s loneliness

WARNING: Rollercoasters can be intense and induce motion sickness. We’ve built this rollection to be accessible for everyone, so rides like Warp Drive or Bloody Mists are comfortable, while Fall Out is very intense.

(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Nov 17, 2017
excellent rides and great feelings as you ride
4 awesome rides that will make you smile
Would buy again—strongly recommend this
Always view this video again and again—never get tired of watching it.
Wished you all made more videos I would buy

Oct 29, 2018
This is not too shabby for a VR game! This certainly made me feel my guts at first like a real coaster! My wife who likes to ride real coasters had to quit because they made her naseaous. Ironic? The moon coaster starts out (meh!) slow. But after awhile (this takes a long time) it REALLY starts moving! And then it says you are moving at Mach 1!! Holy S&^t! And THEN your guts relly feel it!

Feb 12, 2018
I was so excited to try this experience; now that I tried it I have mixed feelings about it. The graphics are okay, but it still lacks some realism. The length of the stages was somewhat dissapointing, I expected a little bit more.

Personally, I think that the “scary” stage was the worst. I was really expecting to get scared, which did not happen. My favorite was the moon ride, I really loved it! The physics and the increments in the velocity were really fun!

Overall I think it a good game, I would give it 3 stars but I decided for 4 because my aunt got really scared, which was fun to watch; however, I was not too impressed and after playing all the stages I think it’s kind of overpriced for what it is. Has potential, though.

Josh Dunning
Apr 03, 2018
Decent game for newcomers to the platform. The more experienced will notice the lack of polish and feel… but it’s good for a family gathering, my family loved it for their 1st VR coaster. With a couple years under my belt with the vive I found it a bit boring and lackluster.

Nov 29, 2017
I Believe Roller Coaster Ride Relate Better When I Can Hear The Roller Coaster Making A Noise rather Than Synced Music / I wait With Anticipation For What This Developer Bring To VR In the Future

Sep 16, 2017
I really want to love this but I have tried everything and cannot get the sound to work for this … works for other games and in the settings menu just fine… :\

Great idea…

Jul 04, 2019

Runs like a turd on my 2080ti.

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