Spooky Night-Aurealstudio

Released Nov 2016 4.0★
You were walking by a cemetery one late night and notice a pot of sweet delicious candy inside. Being the curious child that you are you walk in to take the pot. Out of know where a voice appears, Its the with Gremelda! She has trapped you inside her cemetery and you must fight your way out. Defeat her minions and keep the candy, but should you loose you will become one of her minions for ever. This is an fps cartoon style shooter for kids with a cute story line. Fight your way through 7 challenging levels as you defeat, Skeletons, Zombies,Mummy’s,Werewolf’s, Goblin’s, and Dragons. See who can get the furthest with the most points , kills and areas cleared .

User Reviews

Sep 01, 2019
can be fun for small kids.

Aug 26, 2019
Good demo game for little kids, but anyone older than like 7 isn’t going to like it much.

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