Star Dust : The Book of Earth-北京天镜科技有限公司

Released Nov 2016
In the 21st century, humankind launched a plan to explore the farthest reaches of outer space, after which, science and technology boomed rapidly. This plan made age-old dreams of deep space travel finally come true, however, we were not prepared for what lurked in the darkest corners of the universe… As many had feared, first contact with alien races ushered in an era of unimaginable calamity. The earth was targeted by advanced invaders, and after a merciless interstellar war, our homeland was left in ruins. The surviving humans organized a star fleet, wandering through the endless universe in the search for a new home. Thus began a long and grueling journey, as mankind struggled for survival while fighting off the remaining alien forces.
Star Dust: The Book of Earth is a VR sci-fi shooting game developed by Beijing Skylens Technology Co., Ltd. using Unreal Engine 4, featuring amazing cinematic visual effects. In the game, you will explore awe-inspiring, mysterious galaxies, experience the spectacular scenes of Earth’s destruction, and engage in warfare on a scale never seen before – and all from an immersive first-person perspective. Take control of huge mechs with your own hands and immerse yourself in fierce space battles. The splendor of magnificent galaxies, giant spaceships, and diverse weapons combine to create a real and thrilling VR experience you’ll never forget.

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