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Released Nov 2017 4.0★
Star Edge: Survival is a VR shooting game. The solar system is facing the invasion of alien civilization, you are a left behind the guard soldiers, violent impact and the loss of memory, in isolation, you encounter a mysterious girl warrior, fight side by side with you. The game contains multiple scenes, space station, alien planet.

This game does not have a complex interface, the pursuit of a simple VR experience, left hand to take energy shield, right hand gun, the pursuit of fun dripping shooting experience. Note: the enemy comes from all directions, if you ignore the back, you are dead.

User Reviews

Jul 31, 2019
A cool 360° waveshooter. If you liked space pirate trainer, you will love this. You have to turn around all the time to hit the drones before they hit you. really fun 🙂

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