Star Rangers VR – Demo-Project Whitecard Studios Inc.

Released Sep 2017 2.7★
Star Rangers VR – Free Demo is a demo of what we would like Star Rangers VR adventures to be.
We wanted to know what it was like to propel yourself in space in virtual reality. Would you get dizzy, or would it blow your mind?

Let us know what you think.

Our backers have challenged us – if we can make it to 30,000 downloads we’ll be in the running for 3 more years of development.
So we need your help, and all you have to do is play.

This free demo is a short mission set in orbit around the earth – take a bit of time to enjoy the scenery.

Star Rangers VR is planned to be a long term adventure with episodes and dangerous missions in space around the solar system, SRVR will place adventures in the solar system from orbital locations.

Do you have the right stuff? Find out with the few-minute long demo, and let us know what you think: missions or multiplayer, stories or competition?

Thanks for playing!

User Reviews

Dec 06, 2017
The 3D enviroment Is Good The Sound good/ I Wait With Anticipation For What This Developher Brings To VRs Future

Dec 04, 2017

bof !

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