StarAce II-上海笛兔数码科技有限公司

Released Aug 2016
Star Ace II

“Star Ace II” is a FPS VR Game which player acts as the driver of the space ship and fights with the enemy.

win10 64bit OS Recomand
GPU Gtx970+

Hmd decive Htc Vive and oculus is supported
Input decive ViveController、Xbox controller and Keyboard is supported

We Define some Buttons and it will be refrence by different input Controllers.
SpeedUp Button:Speed up And UI button selection
SpeedDown Button:Speed down And UI button selection
Up Button:ship head up
Down Button:ship head down
Left Button:ship head left
Right Button:ship head right
Weapon1 button:gun fire
Weapon2 button:missile fire
Weapon3 button:layse fire
Weapon4 button:shield fire
Start button:UI button Click
System button: Open UI

There are 4 Levels in this released Version
1、First Battle
for something wrong with the engine, the ship jump to the enemy location and meet their wave attacks.Destroy them and back homebase.
After the first battle,we goto “simuda”,The imperial frontier industrial base.Destroy the base.
Dr. Kevin have developed a VR system for training.And we are The first batch of users.
It is time for us to be Cpl through the examination.Pass examination!

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