Starway Fleet-StormCube Games

Released Oct 2017 1.9★

Jump in the cockpit of a space fighter
Starway Fleet is an action-focused space fighter simulator game. Take part in various missions including interception or reconnaissance, provide fighter cover for cargo ships or help rescue the crew of disabled ships, etc. Fight offline in quick missions against computer-controlled enemies or online with your friends in co-op mode (up to 3 players). Be the famous fighter ace, let the whole Universe know your name!

– 3 game modes: quick missions, custom battles and survival mode.
– 10 exciting quick missions, which can be played both in Single-player and Co-Op multiplayer.
– 2 custom battle maps, both playable in Single-player and Co-Op multiplayer.
– 2 survival maps, both playable in Single-player and Co-Op multiplayer.
– Epic space battles, heavily armed capital ships.
– Multiplayer mode with up to 3 simultaneous players.
– Optional VIVE support: experience the excitement of space combat directly from the cockpit of your fighter.
– HOTAS, mouse + keyboard and game pad support.
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Mar 06, 2018
From start to finish, players can expect to tackle the breadth of what Starway Fleet has to offer in roughly three hours for the single player experience. While it isn’t the most groundbreaking game in the genre, fans of space simulations of old like Wing Commander or X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter will find a lot to love about what StormCube Games have cooked up for their first effort in virtual reality. It’s definitely not a game for beginners in the VR medium, nor is it a good introduction to the space simulation genre itself, but it holds its own for hardcore fans dying to get their fix of high-octane action on the platform.

Nov 24, 2019
I have played it using keyboard and mouse. I also used a steam controller for a while. At first, they didn’t work, until I noticed that there was a pop-up window on my desktop. I closed the window and then I could use my keyboard and mouse without any problems.
The interface is well thought, you can check all the info you need in a glance. The game is fun like X-Wing, but it seems it doesn´t have enough content yet.

Casimir Lacroix
Nov 29, 2017
Sorry wer hat sich denn so einen Mist ausgedacht?! Ich habe die VR-Brille auf und soll auf meiner Tastatur “E” oder die “3” drücken. Klar ich setzte die Brille mal schnell ab und mach das.
Ach da kann man ja noch nen Xbox Controller im Menü als Eingabegerät auswählen nur zu dumm wer keinen hat oder nur nen Steam Controller, der wird nämlich sehr bescheiden erkannt und schwubs fliegt man fett in jedes Hindernis rein was nur so geht.

Schade drum da die Grafik gar nicht mal so schlecht aussieht und das Spiel sicherlich Laune machen könnte.

Nov 29, 2017

I read all of the other one star reviews. They were mostly about how this game doesn’t support the Vive Controllers. Well, I noticed that disclaimer right in the description, along with how you would have to use some other form of control. So I broke out my dusty old joystick, saddled up, and was ready to rock.

Once I got into the actual game, my ship was spinning uncontrollably despite the fact that I was not touching anything. The mouse cursor was not showing up once I opened up the menu, and so I had to manually adjust all of the bindings with the keyboard. After all of that was said and done, I went back out into the game, and wouldn’t you know it, none of the changes I made on the menu matched actual controls with the joystick.

After about an hour of trial and error, I got almost everything working. But almost doesn’t get the ship to move.

0/10, would not Starway again

Nov 23, 2017

Using an XBox 1 controller connected via USB.
Could not fire my weapons. Other controls seemed to work most of the time. Left/Right triggers were recognized in the menu when I tried to remap my controls, but they were not recognized in game. I would have to take my had off my controller and click my mouse buttons to fire.

Dec 03, 2017

Complete waste of time and space! Ya gotta jave controller control !!

SoM Lord Terresius
Nov 29, 2017

I try with my key board, it doesn’t work. with the motion controller, half the button are missing. With a PS4 Controller, the Cockpit spin to win for ever…

Nov 19, 2017

this isn’t making any sense. This is the VIVE website but this game isn’t supporting any VIVE controllers? Silly, then it shouldn’t be a selection in the page.

Nov 17, 2017

not made for vive, looks like it could be amazing to play. very frustrating

Oct 29, 2017

Not sure if it’s just me but the controller does not work in this game so I couldn’t play it. All I could do is look at the menu in 3D.

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