Streetball VR-Indiecode Games

Released Mar 2018 3.0★
The classic streetball arcade sport is back!

Experience the pleasure of basketball when you step into the street one on one with the top finest in basketball action and play in different streets with beautiful backgrounds in VR.

Practice your skills or take your talents and break the time record with your acrobatic jams and an astonishing display of skills.

You can spank the basketball with special skills and acrobatic moves and score a point in real-time. Whether you want to play against the computer or enjoy with others for high scores, you are rest assured of a more entertaining blast!

Game Features

3 Maps
4 Various colored balls
2 Game Modes: Practice and Time Mode
32 Hip Hop Tracks

Required Hardware HTC Vive + Motion Controller

User Reviews

Jul 07, 2018
While Streetball Vr is ostensibly a simulation of playing a hyped up, street-level solo game of basketball, the core experience is really stripped down to its high scoring essentials. As such, if you like the type of rapid-fire mini basketball games you might find at an arcade or amusement center, or simply think a virtual game of HORSE might be a fun way to spend some time, then this is definitely an experience worth checking out. Just make sure you avoid smashing into your ceiling.

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