Super Puzzle Galaxy LITE Edition-Vive Studios

Released Dec 2017 3.7★
Strap a VIVE to your face. Solve puzzles in outer space. (In that order) Come play with the sands of fun in our outer-space physics sandbox. Sculpt sand in 32 levels to direct the ball into the goal in this physics puzzle game. Jump over danger and phase through obstacles using special abilities in the 16 devious challenge levels. Devise ever faster ways to solve levels and rule the leaderboards.

Super Puzzle Galaxy Lite offers all the gameplay of the Steam version but we are still integrating the level creation and access to user generated levels into the Lite version. We will have all this working soon on Viveport.

User Reviews

Feb 15, 2018
The game will not run..and still has problems, however, the development team is working very hard to fix the issues. Excellent customer service. Seems there has been a delay in Vive notifying developers of problems which is being rectified. Thx for the great service

Feb 14, 2018
It loads up and places me on a planet with a base platform to stand in. You click on the screen to start and it never starts up the game.
Update 2/14/2018: Downloaded again and working with developer has made it work this time. Will continue to test to see if I can recreate the original issues I had last month with it. The game play has been great and I will enjoy it now!

Feb 06, 2018
Super Puzzle Galaxy is a fun, immersive, and addicting virtual reality experience. It’s a must-play for puzzle game lovers, and the game is constantly evolving as the developers at Vive Studios work to add more levels and challenges for players to master. Definitely worth your time.

Jan 17, 2018
So far I’m really liking this game. Not a true VR experience, but some great sandbox fun. The environment is amazing and a heck of a challenge. I’m going to keep at it!!!!

Apr 27, 2018
Very much enjoyed solving some of these puzzles – first VR game that has allowed me to shape terrain too, which definitely wins brownie points!

Aug 19, 2018
I was really excited for this but it’s not good. The main mechanic is manipulating the ground, so just a hair or two off will make the difference. The second mechanic I got to was timing a multi jump ball, so between these two all the elements of “puzzle” are gone and it’s about luck, timing, and repeating until you get it. The biggest thing is that for a physics based game the ball seemed to generate its own momentum and fly off into nowhere when it should be following a downward slope it just launches off it like a ramp even though it shouldn’t have enough momentum. For what it is it could be worse, but a puzzle game needs less elements of randomness in it. There’s no “solution” that can be shared with others it’s all just hoping you get lucky with the ramps bounces and jump timing.

Aug 18, 2018
How the heck do you solve the second bonus level? Frustrating.

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