Super Ultra Monster Smash!-Ken Koji

Released Sep 2017 3.0★
The city-smashing VR experience you’ve been waiting for. Go on a room-scale RAMPAGE through New York City! Smash buildings, play with humans, and show Lady Liberty what real freedom looks like!

Super Ultra Monster Smash is the most satisfying destruction-based VR experience on the planet.

-destructible vehicles, objects, landmarks, and buildings
-entertaining ragdoll physics (including squirming!)
-deeply satisfying sound effects
-epic soundtrack
-actually takes advantage of your room-scale capability (isn’t it about time somebody did that?)

NOTE: Requires 2m x 2m of tracked space

User Reviews

Jun 10, 2019
It’s an excellent game for smaller kids. My son is 4 years old and he can’t read so this is perfect. There are no menus and your thrown right into the action as soon as the game starts. My son knows exactly what to do. The game takes you from one level to the next after clearing each area. Wish there was more games for smaller kids.

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