Sweeper VR-广州市梦途信息科技有限责任公司

Released Mar 2017 4.0★
A cold building, filled with endless zombies, and the key document is at the top of the building.
There is no other choice, even if it is a close call, you have to go up, up, up! In a zombie siege environment, straining your nerves, blaze a world!
This is a building full of zombies, each layer will appear the unexpected crisis, game player should make full use of their existing weapons, breaking the zombie wall, find the channel button of each layer which may be in different positions, open channels to go upstairs until you reach the upper floor, and get the important document.
The game uses a random layer mechanism, so that each of your game process will be different.It will be very helpful for you to carry weapons and props, and when you are in danger, do not be too busy to attack, please make full use of the protection of the energy cover, it may be able to save your life at a critical moment.
Game features: layers with different crisis settings, allowing you to experience unparalleled tension.

User Reviews

Viveport User
Mar 17, 2019
Enjoyed it great gunplay but if there could be a english language option and please please please touchpad moving and turning i really dont like using the point and click system this has the pontentail to be great so make it great haha

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