Released Oct 2019 3.1★
SWORDS of GARGANTUA is a cross-platform VR online action game. Fight solo or join up to 3 others in online co-op against a hoard of enemies and their master, the towering titan named GARGANTUA.

Key Features in SWORDS of GARGANTUA:

Hyper-Realistic VR Swordsmanship: We’ve taken great care to ensure that each battle feels great through heavy refinement of our battle system and accurate haptic feedback.

Cross-Platform 4 Player Co-Op: With native voice chat, develop strategies, revive downed friendlies, and battle hordes of enemies in order to protect your mana station, and penultimately fight an enormous foe.

Grand in Scale: 100 single player missions, 30 weapons to unlock, and a multiplayer mode rarely seen in VR melee action games.

Gargantuan in Size: Embrace destiny and take on the mighty titan, Gargantua. Larger and more challenging than anything players have faced in Swords of Gargantua before!

User Reviews

Jan 11, 2020
Fantastic melee fighting game WANT MORE. Very enjoyable, single or multi-player

The sword handling is well done, although the weight coefficent is not there yet for the weapons, (all are able to be wielded one hand), you can choose any combination of weapon/shield, all nicely done.

Pace is manic in the higher levels, which is nice to have that pressure.

Movement is a little clunky, but acceptable for needing to manage the movement via thumb pressure and any weapon in the same hand.
Things I would note:
Throwing (range) weapons is very difficult to master, especially at distance
The parry mechanism when using two weapons is really bad, you take damage even if blocked. Shield is fine
The parry mechanism during their spin/off side lower attack is way off, you have to really get down to block that, needs adjust
Progression is a little hard to understand

Oct 29, 2019
Its an arena and wave based sword fighting game and really immersive combat system.

Oct 12, 2019
This is a bit of a tough one. I like the mechanics and the art, but my experience with the gameplay left much to be desired. I downlaoded the game to play with my friend, and our experience can be summed up thusly:

Wow, that’s a lot of enemies to start out with.
Oh, it’s a wave defense game.
Oh crap, they don’t even pause between waves!
the bots are dead
Oh, wait, it’s over?

Oct 16, 2019
Cool mechanics and gameplay, I haven’t gotten too far but I’m really turned off by the non-existant index controller support. They work, but you can’t move your fingers around or realistically grip things. I kept dropping my sword because I would squeeze too hard as if I was holding a real sword.

Oct 16, 2019
Requires a large vr space, but the combat is good. Parry detection could use some work though

Jan 27, 2020
I cannot recommend this game. The parrying does not work consistently, the dashing mechanics are awkward, the combo system is subpar. I really felt that this game had talent. I am giving it 2 stars instead of one because I think that some of the issues can still be fixed.

Nov 01, 2019
This has potential but is very frustrating in it’s current state. I kept having issues where blocks weren’t registering, especially when using your say left hand to block an attack from the right side. The trigger to dash is also very annoying. Asgards Wrath did this much better.

I can see potential in it, especially for the online side of things, but it definitely needs a lot of tweaking.

On a more positive note, I really like the visual style and always appreciate things like full smooth locomotion, full body rendering and weapon interaction physics.

Feb 01, 2020

I played it short and I couldn’t see anything different from a simple sci-fi arena to fight with enemies in waves. The game with its fighting mechanics is not bad but, there are other better sword figting games outhere and this one may be a two to three stars game comparing with the bests, say Hell Split Arena as 5. I gave it one because of its unnecessary backstory.

I would expect more after I had to watch that long backstory in the begginning. This kind of simple wave based arena games shouldn’t have that kind of entrance story. That is unnecesasry and time consuming.

Jan 10, 2020

i cant play it says i need to update mismatch version

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