Tactical AR-Tactical AR

Released Feb 2019 1.0★
Tactical AR was created with one purpose, to build real firearms skills and habits in virtual reality. Our philosophy is that the best training is fun, and that muscle memory developed in virtual reality effectively translates in to real weapon muscle memory.

We currently provide multiple types of training shooting ranges including: over 10 Run and gun 3 gun style courses, a CQB shoot house, a pop up rifle and pop up pistol range.

We support many 3rd part firearms controllers including: Hyperblaster, Cabela’s Top Shot elite with 3d printed mount, Sony Sharpshooter with 3d printed mount, 3d printed Vive controller stocks, and The Tactical AR Fire control group, which works with real AR-15 rifles to tun them into VR firearm controllers.

Our most recent release added in a custom course builder to create new courses in VR.

User Reviews

Apr 24, 2019

What the actual… You want to charge money for people to play, something that is less than sub-par?

Controls are very clunky and bearly work, the sound is way off, I pull the trigger, and its almost a full second later the sound comes through, and no there is nothing wrong with my setup.

Trying to change gun is another thing again, I think I figured it out to be a direction on the thumb pad? Though not sure as I tried it again, and then couldn’t change and then had a rifle in each hand.

Glad I tried this under the new infinity plans.

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