TakeItApart_VR-Dexta Robotics

Released May 2016 3.8★
TakeItApart VR is a game that allows the players to disassemble all sorts of objects in VR. This game concept comes from me, a mechanical engineer. When I was a kid, I enjoy taking things apart to learn better about my surroundings, and that’s how I got to know different structures and different mechanisms. Now we have this amazing tool of VR, I want more people to experience the fun I had.

Welcome to TakeItApart VR, Enjoy!

User Reviews

Oct 04, 2016
Great idea! I loved taking apart electronics when I was a kid. Huge potential here to teach people about the things we take take for granted. I’d love to see an interface that shows how the object works, what each of the components are that make it work, and what the pros and cons go into the design. This app has the beginnings of something great!

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