Takelings House Party-DimnHouse

Released Jul 2019
A frantic and whimsical party game for VR. Takelings have invaded this quiet suburban home and it’s up to Hal to exterminate these pests using whatever means necessary!

Progress through the house where each room is a different game. Take turns in VR as Hal facing off against the Takelings controlled by up to 8 couch players using their smartphones and/or joysticks.

This game is currently in Early Access.

We’re a small team and this is our studio’s first release. Although we are very excited to finally get to share our party game with the VR community, we’d like to be able to guarantee a stable experience by full release. We’d love to engage with our customers and create an experience that is as inclusive and as fun as possible.

As a 9 player party game there are a lot of variations in possible experiences. Balancing our Party Mode’s points system and the gameplay of each minigame will require a lot of play testing with many different home setups.

The full game will feature 5 minigames instead of the 3 offered now, and a more balanced “Party Mode” experience. We’d also like to add support for AI Takelings allowing you to bolster your Takelings count in your parties or even play solo.

Feedback from the community will be vital to our development. What works and doesn’t work for your particular VR setup? Is there a key feature missing that would make this your ultimate VR party game? Are you enjoying cooking your friends in a toaster? We want to know!

Join us on our discord to be a part of our development at: https://discord.gg/takelings

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