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Released Oct 2016 4.3★
“Tank Fury vr” is a Simulation Tank Shooting Game.

Immersive Experience
1. Real Physical Tank Model
2. Series of classic world war II tanks (Such as Ger. Tiger, USSR. KV-1, US. T-34)
3. Beautiful battle scene
4. New tank operating experience
5. Tank commander view
6. Support 2 languages: English and Chinese

Ways of playing
1. Fight against enemy tank
2. Accurate shooting: Hitting different part of tank make different damages.
3. Seize the stronghold
4. Fight with friendly tanks
5. Battle score and rank

Special statement
1. Now the game is a early access version.
2. The full version will have more features and content, such as maps, tank models, new play modes.
3. The full version will be free to person who already buy the early access version.
4. Our early access price is discounted. Once the full version of the game is launched, the discount will of course no longer apply.

User Reviews

Mar 07, 2019
Need multiplayer

Dec 27, 2018
It’s a solid game overall. The controls are comfortable, everything looks and feels alright. The environments are okay, the tank looks great and the voice acting is.. something haha.

Jan 20, 2019
Clearly nice and enjoyable game.
Graphic is good and controls are easy to learn.
It’s in early access so it lacks of a lot of features.
I will wait for the full version since it has a good potential.

One note though, replace the voice acting please and also remove the “headshot” voice line.

Mar 01, 2019
Good start, easy to use controls. Needs extra features, ie maps, radar, multiplayer, etc. Please replace the voice over voice. Sounds like a drunk Arnold Schwarzenegger and very difficult to understand.

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