The Abbot’s Book Demo-Blackthorn-Media, Inc.

Released Apr 2016 3.8★
1680, Vicenza, Italy. Explore the ruins of an ancient religion that riddle the catacombs beneath a noble estate, where the shadow of a forgotten god has awakened to haunt the dreams of men. A dark tale in the classic, gothic tradition, The Abbot’s Book traces the lives of four generations of a family cursed by the corrupting influence of a mysterious book. When complete, The Abbot’s Book will be 8 episodes of VR narrative content. This demo shows a small slice of the 7th episode.

User Reviews

Jul 18, 2018
Helo..It is nice!!

Dec 30, 2017
Can’t wait for the full version

Jan 11, 2017
this is one game if and when it came out i would buy looks brilliant catacombs looks brilliant

May 31, 2018
This Has Great Atmosphere / The Catacombs Are Dark And Dank / The Abbot is Tall And Creepy In The Way He Hovers Behind You And Speaks With Foreboding / The 3d Graphics Are Rendered Well / I Wait With Anticipation For What The Developer Brings To VR s Future

Feb 03, 2017
It looks good but I chose the ‘standing’ option at the start and found the character I had to move to was outside my play space!
How can I restart the game to where it offers that choice again.

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