The best VR experiences for relaxation

When reviewing all the latest games and VR experiences the adrenalin can certainly pump. From stealth games through to brick-breakers, you are thrown into tense and hectic action. However, it is fair to say that the world is a little odd at the moment. There seems to be enough action on the news to inspire the adrenalin that gets that heart ticking. Therefore, we thought it was time to offer something a little different. It was time to slow things down a bit.

Here we offer you a review of some of the best relaxation and meditation experience available on VR. There are so many out there, falling into categories such as nature, music, meditation, reflection, mindfulness and more. The hope is that this quick meander through some titles will help you find your perfect VR haven away from the chaos.


If the natural world is your place of escape, then TheBlu will be your perfect experience. Put on your headset and descend beneath the surface of the oceans. The developers have created some of the most beautiful aquatic scenes and you will enjoy VR encounters with whales, dolphins, turtles and other sea-life.

The first release of the demo of this experience caused quite the stir, as you were introduced to an epic interaction with a whale. Now, in its second iteration, you can take pictures, interact or simply sit and feel at peace under the waves.

Real VR Fishing

My dad used to tell me that the only antidote to divorce was fishing. I think he was joking, though the ingredients do seem to fit. Take the option of getting away from each other for the day, while also sitting in restful meditation by a river in nature. It does seem like the perfect stress-buster to me. Real VR Fishing does as the title suggests. It allows you to sit by river banks in many different environments and fish as slow or fast as you mind requires. This is a chance to get away from it all without having to travel and without having to buy the expensive kit. Sit back in your den, out your favourite tunes and headset on – and chill!

Google Earth VR

The clue is again in the title. Here you can explore Google Earth in virtual reality. So you can look down from space at the whole globe like some monumental god or you can reach down to the ground to find that unique spot that helps you escape. The ability to wander through this app is surely the most magical element on offer. However, as it is free and the quality of experience so high, you would be a fool not to give it a try. And, when holidays abroad look like a mirage in a desert, this could be your ticket to wherever your heart desires.

Tetris Effect

For some, getting away from the stress is more about distraction than it is relaxation. If you are like me, the idea of sitting and doing nothing makes you twitchy. To get away from it all you need something to busy the mind and distract away from the noisy committee commenting on everything in the world today. Tetris Effect is the classic Tetris game that will take some skill. However, the point to this game is the audio-visual experience as you move the blocks and fit these to the beat. The sensory stimulation is excellent for people who struggle with anxiety, as it channels the attention away from worries to something immersive and mind-quietening.


You ever dreamt of that Route 66 experience? It is you, your car and some of the best music and landscapes available. Well, Sheaf is the product of the mind of an artist and musician. Therefore, the blend of beautiful scenery passing your car as the best beats are played is perfect for you. This is a short VR experience but one rich in detail and emotion. There is a three-track synthwave album to enjoy free as you drive. Perfect relaxation.


An oldie but a goodie – and worth exploring in our list of VR meditation and relaxation experiences. This VR short-experience was released in 2016 on SteamVR and its free. The experience is musically-reactive – as the compositions played create visualisations in your headset. With only one track this is genuinely just a taster. However, if you enjoy this then you should purchase Apex, which offers much more.

Guided Tai Chi

The virtual world seems like the perfect place to share an experience of Tai Chi. This VR product will guide you through Tai Chi inspired workouts. There are more than 100 to choose from and they range from three minutes up to an hour. You also have a choice of natural environments to practice within. The motions are slow and the aim is to focus on the movement and breathing that will help you unwind. You can do Tai Chi without the headset and visuals. However, the combination is a perfectly immersive experience to get you away from it all.

Guided Meditation VR

So, you guessed it, this experience guides you through meditations in a virtual reality world. The title says it all. However, it does not do justice to the 27 environments with 500 individual meditations spots, the list of music and the choice of narrations. Meditating by yourself can be a frustrating experience, especially from your sofa. However, in this virtual environment, you can ease back into relaxation with ease whenever it is needed. Guided meditation really does make you forget the world for just a moment – but it is all you will need to rejuvenate your mind and reduce your stresses.