The Body VR-The Body VR LLC

Released Sep 2016 4.4★
Viveport Developer Award 2017: Explore 3rd Place

The Body VR is an educational virtual reality experience that takes the user inside the human body. Travel through the bloodstream and discover how blood cells work to spread oxygen throughout the body. Enter one of the billions of living cells inside our body and learn how the organelles work together to fight deadly viruses.

User Reviews

Apr 02, 2018
It’s rare to see a piece of content be so incredibly attractive to teachers, students, doctors and gamers all at once. A true testament to the future of education, there’s never quite been anything like The Body VR that can deliver such a rich learning experience without putting anyone to sleep. It’s an experience that goes deeper and deeper into the wonderland of the cellular biology within us all, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better way to learn about how DNA is converted into RNA. Distributed completely for free, don’t pass up the opportunity for a world class education at no extra cost.

Oct 02, 2016
Super, sehr gut gemacht und dazu alles auch in Deutsch. Das alles auch noch gratis… volle Punktzahl.

Oct 10, 2017
That’s one of the best educating VR experiences I’ve had. Great narration, awesome stuff!

Jun 08, 2017
Just awesome. Even my 4 year old daughter loves this and is so educational.

Mar 13, 2017
Great Game – Highly Recommended – 5*.

Firstly, this lasts no more than 15 minutes which is a great length of time before the Vive starts giving me neck ache. Very educational, Brilliant graphics and of course its free! Would happily pay around £9.99 for this game.

Feb 12, 2017
Great example of an educational experience that includes both exploratory and scripted experiences. In addition to the tour, try exploring the anatomy models. You can grab parts to examine closely as well as view exploded models. Nice work on the quality voice-overs, too!

Feb 03, 2017
Such a detailed presentation, almost scientific! I look forward to it being expanded to explore the whole body.

Jan 22, 2017
Wow! Amazing! Certainly shows the potential for learning and simulation of bodily systems. Keep up the great work! can’t wait to show this off to others.

Dec 01, 2016
Great app, very nicely done! Really cool to be inside human’s body! 😉
And although I’m VR-sensitive and usually get motion sickness when floating through space – this app induced it only in minor degree.
Thumbs up for the developers – keep up the good work guys!

Nov 15, 2016
Really immersive this one and you learn a little something along the way… Its free so well worth the 5 star rating i gave it.

Nov 01, 2016
Amazing! Very educational and great experience! Must have to demonstrate the power of VR, especially in training and education. Thank you for making this available for free!

Oct 08, 2016
This one is really great however I couldn’t have enough so please I will be expecting for more to come!

Oct 05, 2016
this is just simply a great educational experience and I love it. the description are wonderful and the graphics are just amazing. I loved this experience.

Mar 11, 2018
I love these learning based VR apps. Great quality and very informative. Would love to see more content!

Aug 14, 2017
I enjoyed this immensly, was all caught up in the VR experience
Would strongly recommend getting this

Nov 11, 2016
Von mir nur drei Sterne, weil nicht wissenschaftlich exakt und sloppy an einigen Stellen. Dennoch empfehlenswert als Demo. Looking forward to further development!

May 09, 2018

This is pretty boreing actually. One of the first VR things I tried and I almost fell asleep. If your looking for a Fantastic Voyage type thing, keep looking. This isnt it.

Oct 09, 2016

game isnt in my library, how can i try it

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