The Broken Seal-上海异界信息科技有限公司(XAREA)

Released Feb 2018 3.0★
The Broken Seal is a game designed exclusively for virtual reality, supporting HTC Vive.

The ancient seal has been broken, powers of evil are devouring everything in this world. Now the world needs a HERO to save it from catastrophe.


◆Voice control. You can use your own voice to cast spells in the virtual world, enjoying the charm of magic through compelling experience.

◆Multiplayer mode and summon system. You are not alone in this world. Try multiplayer mode to play with your friends, and summon pets company that fight together with you.

◆Dozens of various spells. Each spell with unique function evolves with your progress through the game.

◆Multiple kinds of trophies. You could get weapons and equipment as well as other kinds of trophies during fights with evil creatures. Use trophies to strengthen yourself.

◆Diversified gaming environments. Regions including forests, relics, snow mountains and deserts comprise this world of magic.

User Reviews

Feb 22, 2019
The game doesn’t have the most detailed of graphics. ….nor does it really have too many online players (Seeing as how the version of this game is outdated, you’ll be hard pressed to find anybody online whos using the Steam version), but I genuinely love the spellcasting system and think its worth picking up for the novelty.

Not only does it feel satisfying to say spell names and actually, y’know, cast the spell–the voice recognition works pretty reliably.

Combat itself isn’t the most polished, but I doubt it’s the main focus of this game, at least in my opinion. Though there lacks a variety. You can two melee (with three different types for differing ranges), a melee and a shield, a staff, or a bow. Not really much else.

This game is def worth a sub spot.

Jan 18, 2019
Very cool and fun game. It’s fantastic the way you can cast spells with your voice. I just tried in subscription and now i’m renewing it to explore futher because the map is biger and I saw you can unlock new things, maybe be teleported to new maps with dungeuns. Futhermore I thought was incridible that you can summon some mosters to fight along with you. I didn’t try the multiplayer yet. I definitely think this game worth but I’m waiting for get it in a sale.

Feb 25, 2019
It started off promising, with a setting like an MMORPG… enemies around, quest givers and a market, the usual. Of the three combat modes, and the two I was interested in were bad. The Archery mechanics are bad, the aiming is 100% dependant on your bow hand’s rotation, and 0% dependant on where your draw hand is. Sword fighting becomes boring quickly… enemies ignore you until you get close, then they always come straight up to you, and you swing your sword until they are dead.

The verbal spell-casting worked, and if you want to play a spell caster you should check it out.

Feb 14, 2019

very disorienting.

Dec 16, 2018

Multiplayer does not seem to work. I have friends that have no trouble but they have the steam version. I have learned this is due to never getting any updaters on viveport

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