The Exorcist: Legion VR-LegionVR

Released Oct 2018 2.7★
The scariest story of all time is now yours to experience, if you dare. The award-winning team behind “A Chair in A Room: Greenwater” and “The Harbinger Trials” presents a new virtual adventure in terror.

Experience the game that UploadVR calls ” one of the best VR horror experiences available”. The Exorcist: Legion is an episodic story set in the world created by horror maestro William Peter Blatty. Delve deep into the heart of the supernatural as you learn the trade of demonic exorcism and uncover secrets leading you towards a final confrontation with your darkest, most hidden fears. The Exorcist: Legion VR is part investigation, part exorcism… and all horror. Is your willpower strong enough?

The Complete Series includes: Chapter 1 “First Rites”, Chapter 2 “Idle Hands”, Chapter 3 “Skin Deep”, Chapter 4 “Samaritan” and the finale Chapter 5 “The Tomb”. Each chapter contains a complete unique setting, secrets and demonic entity for you to confront.

Developed from the ground up for HTC Vive, The Exorcist: Legion features support for tracked controllers as well as “blink” and “free roam” locomotion options. Change them from directly within the game to give you the most from your experience.

User Reviews

Dec 10, 2018
While The Exorcist: Legion VR suffers a bit from shallow gameplay, where your biggest challenge is managing and using your inventory at the right time, if you’re looking for a good fright, the journey is still well worth it. While it would have been nice to have more than a few hours of total gameplay, even accounting for its optional puzzles and alternate objectives to achieve a 100% rating in each chapter, this relatively short length does help keep the virtual reality experience more comfortable for those of us who literally have trouble stomaching lengthier play sessions. And it’s especially hard to fault each chapter’s concise nature when the terror is so expertly crafted, never giving you a sense that any part of the experience is filler.

Jan 06, 2019

I would love to give this a positive review. I have been a fan of the Excorcist mythos from a very young age. I can’t give this a positive review though. I get a splash screen that tells me that the Excorcist is owned/licensed by Morgan Creek and then a black void. It doesn’t matter how long you wait. It doesn’t matter if you verify the files, or reinstall altogether. There is no game. I am far from the only person to have this problem, but other than a year old steam forum post, there is no recognition. No resolution. You can submit a bug report, but it won’t be answered because you can’t give any criteria for it. This was the first game I bought to play onn my Vive, but even though I try to figure out a way to play each day, much like father Merris I’m shifting sand around looking for the evil. So far it’s merely bad.

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