The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone-Cloudhead Games LTD

Released Oct 2017 4.3★
After following your sister Elsie to the world of Ember, you discover the remnants of a destroyed civilization, torn apart by two siblings and their individual quests for power. Along the way you meet a mountainous ally who, like you, is looking for their other half. Using the Gauntlet, a mysterious new power capable of manipulating energy, you must unravel the history of this forgotten place, and reveal the true intentions of the dark figure who sent you here.

– Continue your epic journey through the Starseed to the distant planet of Ember, in this highly-anticipated sequel to Call of the Starseed, the VR adventure that started it all.

– Unravel the dark past of a forgotten world inspired by classic 80’s fantasy, including Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal

– Control impossible technologies with The Gauntlet, a mysterious relic imbued with telekinetic power

– Unlock history with a world of new puzzles designed to take full advantage of the physicality and precision hand-tracking only possible with virtual reality

– Come face-to-face with a mountainous ally and bizarre alien creatures in stunning roomscale presence

– Experience the best in VR sound with captivating spatial audio and a brand new Original Soundtrack by award-winning composer Jeremy Soule

– Immerse yourself in a lovingly polished world of fantasy; with multiple hours of gameplay, story, and wonder in this elaborate sequel
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Nov 22, 2018
$15 is a good price for this. Some of the best graphics and acting in a VR game. Puzzles were fun and the game managed to feel epic even though it is limited to a few small locations.

Nov 12, 2018
Very enjoyable story and gameplay, puzzles were nice, nothing super complex but something to complement the story! Excited for the next episodes!

Nov 03, 2018
This is better than then previous episode and that was pretty good. This is a short (5-6 hours if you take your time) but top-notch adventure game.
In the game you go around learning about what happened to your sister and the history of the place you’ve be sent to while completing mostly-fun tasks that take advantage of VR. You’ll also be spending alot of time just taking in the scenery and playing around with things.
Controls worked great and I ran into no bugs or glitches or problems whatsoever. If you have a subscription and want an immersive story-driven experience this is a no-brainer.

Mar 01, 2018
The Gallery Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone is a fantastic follow up to one of my all-time favorite virtual reality experiences. With this installment, Cloudhead Games proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have what it takes to create engrossing and authentic feeling virtual reality experience with the highest degree of presence.

Jul 02, 2019
The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone is an amazing game. Excellent graphics.

Amazing graphics
Beautiful locations
Great physics
Spotless sounds effects
Cool puzzles

Playing with the corpses can be a bit disturbing.
Not for a dynamic, action seekers.

Highly recommending this game.
Gameplay here –

Nov 30, 2018
For a subscription title, this is absolutely fantastic. It allowed me to experience the same feeling of awe that I had when I first started playing VR. It is a rather short game and so the price needs to be weighed against that, but can’t go wrong with the subscription.

Nov 30, 2018
Great storytelling, one of the best VR games I´ve played so far. Much better than episode one. I am looking forward for the next episode!

Nov 27, 2018
Really a great game, with a lot of great ideas, a pleasant gameplay, an immersive narration of a interesting story. The ambiance is amazing, with detailed graphisms for a coherent artistic direction. Maybe too short (3 hours), but an intense experience. Will recommend.

Jan 21, 2020
Sehr gute Fortsetzung des ersten Teils, knüpft nahtlos an und bringt viele coole neue Mechaniken, ist auch deutlich länger als der 1. Teil wobei leider auch viel Spielzeit auf Ladezeiten zu schreiben sind, hab das Spiel aber auch nicht auf einer SSD sondern nur einer HDD gehabt.

Mit Infinity absolut Empfehlenswert, für knapp 27€ für meinen Geschmack doch zu kurz.

Dec 17, 2019
One of the better games I have played, with some serious depth to it. Much better than Episode 1, and now anxiously awaiting/hoping for Episode 3!!

Sep 28, 2019
An amazing part 2 in the series. I love the story, the gameplay and the puzzles and I really hope there’ll be a next part. Please don’t let us down!

Jun 02, 2019
This game is an absolutely epic. A great example of storytelling done well.
well worth getting!

May 12, 2019
What an immersive experience in a fantastic univers!! Very comtemplative, the graphics are so amazing and beautifu!!! The puzzles are not very hard but still it require some abililitises at the end. Thanx you!

Apr 11, 2019
one of the best VR game I never played! I played a thousand of VR game and this ONE it’s very impressive for the physic, graphic and story.

Jan 20, 2019
The second episode was definitely longer, but I am not sure, if it was better. To me the gameplay felt more lengthened due to the different areas. The puzzles more trial and error. But the narratives helped to find out whether there is still something to do here or again or not. I really had some tracking issues with Rift and the tube puzzles. These readjustments when switching sensor made it extra challenging. Not impossible but a lof of retries…. But overall it was still entertaining. I am still interested in and would get the next episode.

Dec 11, 2018
An enjoyable time in very rich interactive environments. I couldn’t get enough of throwing corpses around. 😉 The story… not sure what I think about it, but the game environments were beautiful and the game play well balanced in difficulty. If you are a subscriber, *definitely* play through this.

Nov 09, 2018
Physics is spot on. I mostly enjoy dismembering the dead corpses with my special ability. The story is interesting, but some of it didn’t catch my attention enough to understand the plot. Puzzles are fun to achieve. I do get those annoying moments where I don’t know what to do so I’d spend 10-20 minutes trying to figure out the next step.

Feb 05, 2020
Better than Episode 1, longer and more engaging story, improved gameplay

Jan 18, 2020
Much better than the first episode. The gaze navigation is gone and replaced with proper teleportation. The environments are bigger. The game is longer. The story makes more sense and is much more interesting. The puzzles are mostly speedy mini-games. And it feels like a proper game with beginning and end instead of just some demo.

There are still a few annoyances, the teleportation can be a little glitchy, the loading screens are annoying and take too long, the floating inventory backpack still gets in your way and far to much of your actions are just repeating your sisters actions instead of doing any exploration by yourself.

But none of that is game breaking, it’s a fine puzzle/adventure game and makes good use of VR.

Oct 28, 2018
Good. The only way I could complete was with a walk-through found on youtube.
You have to keep going back and forth between same locations, and there is not much guidance on what to do or how to do.
Not so good is the very slow load times every-time you change locations, spoils the flow of the game.

Mar 30, 2019
The game has really good graphics and looks amazing. Unfortunately that is the only truly positive thing I can find from it. It is set in three small areas and there is a loading screen between them, which constantly takes you out of the experience as you will be travelling between locations very often. The game has a lot more puzzles than episode 1 but they are all very simple and mostly dexterity checks. There is a lot of short “books” to read and very often holograms pop up to tell the story.

It is not a bad game if you are looking for a couple of hours long story with some interactive puzzle elements and cranks to pull. Just don’t expect anything that challenges your thinking and be prepared for loading screens and a lot of standing around while reading or listening to the holograms go through their monologues and dialogues.

If you enjoyed episode 1 then this is more of the same.

Nov 17, 2018

The game expects you to have the reflexes of a cat for some of its puzzles, and spends a lot of your time having you move between areas with very long loading screens. Pick another game that values your time better.
PS: I didn’t finish it but heard it ends on a cliffhanger and they don’t plan on making a 3rd

Oct 29, 2018

Congratulations! u made an unsolvable game! your cogs puzzle is physicali impossible! GG nice i didnt waste my full money on it but wasted a spot in my subscribtions!

May 22, 2019

controls were terrible and you often find yourself stuck in the terrian.

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