The Great C-Secret Location

Released Oct 2018 4.5★
Based on the Philip K. Dick’s short story of the same name, The Great C is a cinematic VR narrative featuring a thrilling storyline, stunning environments and a powerful soundtrack. The viewer is transported to a post-apocalyptic landscape in which the remnants of humanity are ruled by an all-powerful supercomputer known as the Great C. Each year, the nearby village is forced to send a young person on a pilgrimage to appease the mysterious machine – a journey from which no one ever returns.

The Great C follows Clare, a young woman who finds her life upended when her fiancé is summoned for this year’s pilgrimage. Leaving the safe confines of her village, Clare must decide whether to accept the rules of this harsh society or fight against the oppressive reality of her world.

The Great C is over 30 minutes of fully animated, sci-fi adventure, designed from the ground up to push the boundaries of storytelling and cinematic technique in VR.

Official selection of the Venice Film Festival.
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Dec 21, 2018
fantastic piece of material absolutely amazing I was thinking to myself what this would look like if it was a third person platform

Nov 25, 2018
Great cinematic. The only down part is the loading screen keeps interfering the mood.

Nov 23, 2018
Awesome “movie”! I definitely enjoyed it. The ending is a bit anti-climatic. Very good visuals.

Sep 30, 2019
Hi, So stelle ich mir ne Erfahrung in VR vor 🙂 Habe es im sitzen “gespielt / angeschaut”
Mir wurde ein wenig Schlecht durch die Kamerafahrten, jedoch ist das plastische Gefühl absolut überwältigend. Zwar sehr kurz, aber sehr immersiv 🙂
Würde es ja auf jeden Fall emfpehlen, aber bedenkt das halt ne kurze Spielzeit hat. Aber für den Preis lohnenswert bzw per Inifinty eh ein Download Grund ^^

Gerne mehr davon ;-D

Jan 22, 2019
No gameplay, it’s a purely cinematic experience.
Pretty short, but very compeling.

Jan 12, 2019
Worthwile! High quality scenes, great narration and something to think about. Saw this on Pimax8k – awesome clear image!

Dec 09, 2018
Short but good — both the story and presentation. If you can handle the Cinematic Mode, it adds a lot to the experience compared to the version without camera movement.

The changes in scale rather than just camera position are an unusual choice. Weird at first but pretty interesting. Not impossible it could become the norm for VR films.

There should have been a picture of food on the tin of food, though. How are they supposed to know what it contains, or even necessarily that it is a container? 🙂

Nov 26, 2018
Loved It!!! it lasts around 35 minutes, and its a very good story, and amazingly telled, worth it!

hope they make more like this!

Nov 26, 2018
This is the best implementation of VR storytelling I’ve seen, can’t wait for more of the same. I was on the fence about using a subscription slot for something that may only be worth watching once, but I’m so glad I did.

Nov 24, 2018
Wow, this was amazing!

Very cool, creepy, dystopian, Lovecraft-style visuals, and based on a Philip K. Dick story that I’d not read previously. There’s a recommended set of cinematic angles, but you can still move around, or rewatch it using your own preferred point of view.

The best VR film I’ve seen so far.

Nov 21, 2018
Played this on my Pimax 8k and it’s well worth the sub, good story, likeable characters, superb art direction, no performace issues, really good graphics and great use of VR to immerse you into the experience. It’s about 30 minutes but it’s really worth a spot in you 5 monthly game sub or the $5 price tag, i hope we get more episodes like this or it continues the story somehow.

Nov 20, 2018
Great experience. The only thing that was weird to me was the camera making it seem like i’m a giant floating around.

Nov 14, 2018
Great experience! The plot and cinematography was excellent! I hope this team does more VR stuff in the near future! 🙂

Nov 03, 2018
Brilliant Cinematic experience, definately a great use of the VR very engaging. the design work is beautiful.

Oct 26, 2018
im not really into vr experiences more into actually vr games but this was a beautiful cinamtic experience the graphix were stunning and the story was well written i enjoyed myself

Feb 20, 2020
well worth a watch. probably the best vr “movie” ive seen. as good if not better than gloomy eyes imo.
can’t wait for more games to have this cinematic feel, kinda reminds me of final fantasy world

Jan 11, 2020
Philip K Dick is amazing, if you don’t know him, you just don’t know that he wrote the stories for total recall, bladerunner, minority report etc…. all short stories as is the great c. The story is great, very Philip K Dick, and the way it’s done is very, very cool. You’re in the movie and look 360. You can even see what’s over the wall as she’s climbing over because they use cool camera angles. It’s short too, download it and watch it for sure.

The load screen kills. It hurts to look at and makes the experience a little tiresome. Especially since some of the scenes are just a few seconds long and they’ll be like 15 of them in a row. Any way to smooth that out would be fantastic. Even just a black screen with the title fixed in a position in space.

Dec 29, 2019
what an amazing piece of vr cinema.this was made to perfection years ago and should be an industry standard.Thank you

Nov 24, 2019
Wow! What an amazing VR movie. The visuals are stunning and atmospheric. The story is good, but the experience is great. Especially if you have Infinity, I highly recommend this.

Nov 17, 2019
Perhaps a little overrated since these short VR films are almost always worth experiencing though they wouldn’t do as well on a flat screen (this one would still be worth a watch on flat screen). In a world where even non-love stories are still better love stories than Twilight, this one would be considerably better

Nov 15, 2019
Das war mein erster VR Film.
Man kann nichts machen.
Setzt euch einfach hin und schaut zu.
Ich habe es genossen.
Die Erzählung ist gelungen und leicht verständlich.
Auch von mir eine klare Empfehlung.

Sep 11, 2019
Nice VR experience (not an actual game, just linear storytelling without actions from the player), story is not super original but still great atmosphere and nicely done camera perspectives

Viveport User
Jul 21, 2019
Beautiful visuals, great acting, great story and characters. Hope more stuff like this comes out!

Apr 29, 2019
Awesome cinematic story. Once you set your view I recommend turning off controllers to save battery.

Apr 29, 2019
Great movie! Know that this really isn’t a game. It is a VR 3d movie. Atmospheric, cinematic story, well done.

I really haven’t seen anything like this, and I hope there is more to come!

Apr 19, 2019
Beautiful. I’m a big fan of Phillip K. Dick, so being inside one of his stories is an incredible experience for me. Thanks to the developers and artists involved on this creation. If I may suggest a short story by PKD for the next project, it would be “The Defenders”. The same artwork and style would be just perfect to tell that tale. Cheers!

Dec 07, 2018
Quite good rendering and experience 🙂
I would expect to be able to move myself the cam and that some objects I could fetch with my hands, just to be a bit more interactive..

Jan 29, 2019
I like the concept of VR movies and would like to see more in the future; there are some problems though. My first issue is with inconsistant scaling. One scene is like you’re watching puppets and the next is life sized. It would be more immersive if it was kept at life size scale maybe only altering it for artistic reasons. My other issue is with jump cuts; if you blink or look away when they happen it can be a bit disorienting. Maybe separate each cut with a quick fade to black instead.

Other than those issues it was an overall enjoyable experience.

Jan 24, 2019
I really enjoyed this. This was the first VR animation I have seen. It was about an hour long and gave you a real feel for what VR animation should look like. It was nice to be able to look around the world and feel like you were watching over it. The story was interesting, the animation was good (a little stiff sometimes), but overall an enjoyable experience. I hope to experience more animations like this in the future. I will say though this is NOT a game.

Jan 11, 2019
Amazing VR story telling, it was great to be able to sit back and watch, I found it pretty immersive, I’ll be awaiting more from SECRET LOCATION.

Dec 16, 2018
Really nice experience. Short, but perfect for subscription. I really enjoyed it and the characters.

Crashed once though near the end due to insufficient GPU memory on Rift (R9 390 with 8GB). Turned off guardian system and started it again. Great there was a chapter select!

Nov 28, 2018
A fairly good story and worth the subscription slot I used up (end of my monthly cycle and I had one to burn). This may be what the future of cinema is like. Fully immersive movies where you can follow subjects around in virtual space. I watched it once in each mode. The scene loads where you see virtual space is a drag though.

Nov 27, 2018
A great insight into how we will watch animated films in the not too distant future. Its approx 30 mins long, is it worth a purchase? No, in my opinion, is it worth a vive slot? Yes, a great 30 mins of entertainment. Credit to the animators.

Nov 18, 2018
Very nice.. something to present to others who have no idea what vr can do ..

Nov 11, 2018
Great story and well done graphics and voice acting. My only complaint was the transition between scenes caused the steamvr loading screen to be shown briefly which took me out of the moment. Other than that, I highly recommend it!

Nov 09, 2018
(Got this with the subscription). This is a non-interactive animated film. A very cute love story with some downfalls in the plot. Story is really neat and short with adequete animations. One little annoyance is when the camera moves slowly, I see it is a director’s choice for the story, however it did feel a little sickening from time to time.

Oct 30, 2018
I really liked this VR-cinematic-experience, it was sth I’d wish to see more often in VivePort or Steam. I even would say, that ‘The Great C’ gives us an insight into what movies could be like in the future.
The story is ‘okay’, nothing special, but the graphics style and the way the story was told was great.
Even though 5 € for this 30 minute experience is quite high, I still think, that this price okay, since the developers did a really great job and the market for VR is not as big, as the gaming or cinema market. And in comparison with how many minutes you get for the money, this experience still is cheaper than going to the movies.
In short: I can recommend this VR-Movie to everybody who wants to get a nice VR-Movie experience. This title gets a special place in my VR showcase.

Dec 08, 2019
Good story and very well directed. The movement isn’t nauseating but does make it a little more interesting. Not crazy about the character design which looks more suited to a Pixar movie than dark sci-fi but other than that, enjoyed it.

Jul 29, 2019
Very cool cinematic VR expirence. I never thought I’d be interested in a VR movie like that but it was one of a kind. I could see this becoming a type of VR game style. It could be created into an interactive decision making movie game. The ending itself was very ‘alright’. I wish they showed what happened to everyone else in the end. Other than that, loved it!

Jun 08, 2019
It was pretty good, though the scale of the world sometimes felt off for me, one scene they climb a dumpster the size of a house and next scene they are standing in next to perfectly normal sized building.

Nov 18, 2018
Good voice acting. I watched in cinematic mode but overall didn’t feel the experience was anything special.

Nov 02, 2018
A great example of a movie where you’re a free roaming camera. I must admit that when I picked this title I cognisised only: Philip K Dick…Thrilling Story…Post-Apocalypse so I completely missed that it was a movie rather than a game… Enjoyable nonetheless.

Oct 29, 2018
short but cute, and very nicely executed in cinematic mode, managing to create movie like perspectives in VR

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