The Great Wall-北京悦微堂文化科技发展有限公司

Released Jan 2017 4.0★

Long time ago, the demon invaded China. Although defenders defeated the enemy by virtue of the Great Wall, the evil demon will not admit their failure. This time, they’ve gathered the best troops and summoned ancient beasts. They’ve reached the Great Wall!

It’s now the time to fight or die! Heroes are called again by the Great Wall! As the bravest and most skillful archer, your mission is to eliminate all your enemy and use your bow and arrows to defend the Great Wall!


The accurate application of physics engine offers real experience of archery in the field. Enjoy the pleasure of target kill with your arrows and beautiful trajectory!

Real experience of ancient battlefields and oppressive beasts; let your heroism burn by shouting, “No one pass through me!”

Exciting episode design and no way to retreat! You have to kill the approaching enemy and evade from coming shots. This game might make you sweat but you will definitely feel so satisfied after the battle!

Take your bow and arrows and fight for the Great Wall with us!

User Reviews

Jul 07, 2018
The Great Wall shows how much fun a first-person shooter can be when you are the one controlling every aspect of the weapon. One change I would like to see that would greatly improve this game, however, is being able to explore more of the wall, which would give the game a better play area; I kept wanting to walk up and down for better positioning. On that note, you must give this game a try. Your arms will get tired, but The Great Wall quickly gets you hooked , and you won’t want to rest until you defeat every demon that comes your way. Without question a must buy for anyone who is looking for something that requires a lot more interaction with your body using the HTC Vive.

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