The Last Day Defense-ARVI lab

Released Nov 2018 4.6★
Unleash your strategy and get ready to defend your land – feel the responsibility for the fragile future of mankind and stand up for it with The Last Day Defense – VR tower defense game.

You find yourself in the middle of the persistent military conflict between two cosmic empires – both of them come from the Earth, both of them conduct R&D on time manipulation, and both are equally powerful in synthesizing necessary materials from any other ones by means of energy – the main source of the future civilizations.
This struggle is ongoing for several centuries… but the enemy goes for a desperate and dangerous move – changing the course of history…
…They send their crew and a massive replicator (which can produce a diverse weapon, equipment, and machines out of nothing) to the past of the Earth, the cradle of civilization, to wipe out our ancestors and win the war in this dirty way.
Can you let this happen?
When the attack starts and our reality begins to collapse, the scientists find the turning point and send the temporal ship to prevent the disaster.
You’re on board! Try your hand at being a temporal agent: challenge your brain by building defensive structures, destroy the enemy equipment, and give thought to the victory strategy, using a map of battles, a replicator, and the limited energy supply, which your team has managed to throw back to the past.
Use your brain and fighting skills to survive and save the whole empire from erasing.

Key Features:

* Difficulty levels. Do you want to relax and admire the scenery? Or are you ready to take up our challenge on maximum difficulty?* It’s up to you.
* Game levels, made with a love of details. You will like to examine them!
* Weather effects at levels designed to emphasize and complement their atmosphere.
* Different sizes of levels. From small training levels to truly huge and complex ones.
* Time for completing one level is comfortable for VR. You won’t have time to get tired.
* 25 game levels.
* 12 towers are divided into 3 branches. Each of them has its strengths and weaknesses. Explore them and use wisely!
* 3 branches of modules for improving towers, 3 levels in each. Improve the characteristics of the towers when the operational situation requires.
* The landscape that affects the gameplay. Consider it and combine it with features of the towers.
* Sale of towers. Commission – 50%.
* 32 various enemy units.
* Ranks of units. It’s easy to kill a newbie, but try to cope with a veteran!
* A fair fight. Units can also attack your towers and disable them.
* Regeneration of units. Some of them will cause more troubles than others. Better kill them right away.
* Combinations of towers. Competent planning, teamwork, and no magic!
* A variety of waves of units. Have you built an impenetrable line of defense? We will be able to surprise you!**
* Control the speed of the game process. From the spectacular slow motion mode to 4x when re-completing. The “Moment Stop” mode as a gift.
* The scale of miniature battles. An unexpected combination and a unique experience of full dive in VR.
* Just play the way you like it. We did everything for a comfortable game sitting, standing, and playing in a large play area. Dynamic adaptation of the height of the menu, the manual change of the height of the table, precise mechanics of movement, and even a turn of the world.
* Configure the game to suit your needs. We’ve collected many reviews and tried to give you the opportunity to customize the gameplay in the way that is convenient for you. Just go to the settings menu.
* A global rating table. Can you get into the Top 10? And in the Top 3?
* Achievements. Everyone loves to get them 😉


* – The use of the maximum difficulty level can lead to irreversible damage to the controllers, helmet, monitor, as well as any interior design items that were at hand, on average after the 18th unsuccessful attempt to complete the level.
** – Use the maximum difficulty level only to get high-octane thrills.
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Nov 24, 2018
After owning my Vive for about a month and cycling through various games, I am happy to say that The Last Day Defense is the first one that has me sinking hours at a time. A magnificent tower defense game that demonstrates how VR can deliver unique and exciting game play to a genre. I am looking forward to many more hours of this outstanding game and will certainly keep an eye out for further releases from ARVI Lab.

Jan 04, 2019
This game keeps you coming back for more – just one more mission and then before you know it it’s 2am, I love it!! Honestly countless hours of fun it’s a MUST HAVE AND FREE.

I found it blurrier than other games but if you increase your super sampling it makes the biggest difference. Also on the vive if you’re looking closely at little soldiers be sure to decrease the eye knob on the side of the headset to see them close up.

TLDR: 10/10

Dec 30, 2018
Well this game is excellent! I had a feeling playing this game that I’ve not had since the days of the Amiga 500– that I would be looking back on this as a retro classic of the VR era. The ambience, gameplay and feel of the game is unlike anything else in VR I’ve tried so far, it is EXACTLY the game I was looking for when I got my VIVE. The game even gets quiet upsetting in a similar way to Cannon Fodder when it starts to show true horrors that war can cause, this is carried out with the help of perfect audio and sounds (which arguably make up 70% of emotions in film and games!!)

The only improvments I can wish for are more weapons, maybe even the choice to ride first person as NPC on foot or in a tank and watch the carnage unfold. I have played games for over 30 years now and this is the first time I have wanted to leave a review and a big thank you 🙂

Kitten Taxi 1
Nov 30, 2018
I have had my Vive for about a year now and have played sooo many games. This one is by far the best one yet!! Each level is more difficualt than the next, the music is fantastic and the design is beautiful. You will not regret playing this!

The game may crash on you when loading or restarting the levels but it’s totaly worth your time.

Nov 19, 2018
Hands down one of the best VR games ever!! Definitely the best tower defense game ever made. Great developer and I hope they keep this game going.

Feb 04, 2019
Brutal! Parece mentira, pero poder tener el tablero delante cambia el juego completamente. Es desafiante, divertido y bastante completo, tiene mas de 20 niveles y son más que rejugables. Recomendado completamente!

Feb 18, 2020
How did I miss this game? Loving it! Looks like it’s been around for a while, too. Looking forward to more levels! Using Valve Index

Jan 11, 2020
Very nice tower defense game in the style of “Castle must be mine” – so standing at a table placing towers etc. SciFi theme. 3 types of towers, 4 classes of enemies. You have to place a good mix of towers to fight off the waves of different enemies.

Oct 16, 2019
Would happily have paid for this game, what a treat! An easy to get into tower defence game with some really rewarding tower effects! This is now my go to VR game, out of a massive library, and its free…?!!

Oct 08, 2019
Easy to get into and so much more fun than defence grid 1 and 2 (That I love btw). Excelent graphics and a fine intoduction to the game play, that should make it easy for everyone to enjoy. Good options for dificult level to match your play style. If I have to make one small enhancement the text that tells you about each module in the start is too small and a bit too high up, please make the box bigger, so easier to ready and a bit lower down. Great game that hope the developers will expand on.

Sep 07, 2019
Very enjoyable game. Nice varied level design with good interplay between terrain, routes and tower placement options which adds to replayability. Maps are a decent size too, but not overwhelming. Intuitive interface. Well worth getting even if not familiar with tower defence games.

Mar 10, 2019
Just the fact that you can move the table around, get closer to the action is great. I wish we could move the little objects in the map.
great game, and it’s free

Thanks a lot 5*

Dec 30, 2018
Crazy good. Being able to move forward and focus in on each individual troop…very impressive tower defense game.

Sep 09, 2019
I’m using a Vive (room scale), GTX 1060 6GB, i5-8400, 16GB. I just played the game for 30 minutes and this is my initial impression.

As a fan of TD games, playing one in VR is REALLY cool! Being able to zoom in and put yourself eye level and close up from any angle is sweet!

The controls are fairly intuitive.

I don’t know if it’s my setup or the game, but the menus are really blurry until you are absolutely still. I couldn’t find any graphic settings in the game to address this.

I would like to see an overlay that shows a towers actual range before purchasing it, or at least see it after it’s built so I know if I should upgrade the range. Curerntly, you’re left to guess how far it actually reaches.

I do room-scale for all my games, but this is the first one where I’d be happy with seated because the gaming area is esentially a gameboard; there’s no need to physically move around

Dec 26, 2019
Nothing that crazy or innovative about the game. Half decent mechanics. Gets boring quickly. A lot could be improved.

Jul 10, 2019

There is too much unnecessary graphics detail makes the game slow and very heavy. Not good unless you have a decent hardware above 1080.

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