The Mage’s Tale-inXile Entertainment

Released Jun 2018 4.5★
Welcome, apprentice of the mystic arts! Only you have any hope of saving your kidnapped master! To win the day, you must conquer ten devious dungeons, decipher mind-bending puzzles, avoid terrifying traps, and vanquish vicious monsters! Learn to wield elemental power in the palm of your hand, craft hundreds of custom spells in your workshop, and unleash the full potential of HTC Vive as you begin your Mage’s Tale! Now with Smooth Movement, Quicker Load Times, Optional UI Elements, and Horde Mode!

* “The Mage’s Tale is one of VR’s biggest games yet…” – PC Gamer
* “(A) must-play for RPG fans.” – UploadVR “A beautiful, classic dungeon crawler with a side order of camp.” – RoadtoVr
* “The Mage’s Tale is undoubtedly one of VR’s best presented story-driven titles…” – GameRevolution.

User Reviews

Sep 03, 2019
This is a neat little game! I’ll probably revisit this review once I’ve gotten a bit further in, but I like the mechanics, and the writing is fun so far! More importantly, it runs perfectly on the Rift, despite the lack of listed support for it!

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