The Next Day After Friday-VR Friends

Released Mar 2018
The idea of the game came from all those days and spoiled kids when being in college. When you at college in that bachelor apartment, leaving with your college friends and you wake up in the morning on your own after a Friday night hangover party trying to figure out what to do. You are very bored, but still don’t want to leave the house, then u start to feel that you would like to do something creative around the house just to kill the time. Then you start to go round the house and even do the house is still a mess after last night you are free to do anything. You can mess the house even more up, you can play another round of beer pong on the top level, you can play some more darts on the ground level or just do whatever you would like to do totally free of choice.
The whole idea of the game was to develop a unique game that is so unique that the player can use his own imagination to move freely around the house. The surrounding and the location the game takes part doesn’t only look, feel like, but even gives the sensation of a real hangover feeling. Even the view that you have outside reminds the player of does days and that feeling of next day hangover and bored numbness .

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