The Poisoner (Demo)-PlatformaVR

Released Nov 2018 3.6★
The Poisoner is a VR escape room you’ve never seen before!

Immerse yourself in a dark atmospheric thriller. You with your friend are police detectives on the trail of a dangerous criminal.

Original puzzles and dark atmosphere, a mysterious criminal who is going to catch you and leave in his house forever. This is the start of a big detective story to come soon.

Key features:
• Fully interactive environment
• Telekinesis – use it to grab things
• Watch the hints on your smartwatch, they are helpful

Solve logic puzzles using your intuition and be ready for an adrenaline rush.

This version of the game has only one location, the basement. The dangerous criminal caught you and put there. So, you need to get out of there as soon as possible. Try to find the secret code for escape and avoid the effect of poisoning.

User Reviews

Mar 04, 2019
cool game to be contined no no no

Dec 23, 2018
Decent graphics, very dark with some candles to light small areas. The game reminds me of the SAW films. If you’re into these horror games you’ll be entertained. Not massive jump scares, but just about right. Don’t want the VR community dying of heart attacks! 🙂

Jan 10, 2019
Playable but needs some improvement. Short – lasts about 15 minutes.
Thrilled atmosphere with 2-3 scary moments, but still decent. In my opinion far too dark.
I missed sometimes the logic .. I obtained the key after repairing a water tube?
Very difficult to touch your wrist watch for hints. Picked items held sometimes in strange angle. You can hear flies in that small room on one place and half meter further nothing more..

Dec 25, 2018
Not interactive enough at the moment. Using the Vive controllers, it is difficult even to touch your finger to the watch as the controllers themselves get in the way! Lost patientce even doing the first puzzle. Box marked ‘fragile’ and crowbar on the floor. Crowbar breaks box, right? Wrong! Nice spooky atmosphere and could be good but too frustrating as it currently stands

Apr 09, 2019
Very Short. Done the Basement in under 5 minutes….

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