The Villa: Allison’s Diary-Star Consult S.r.l.

Released Mar 2018 3.6★
A villa, a daily routine and an apparently happy family. Here is where everything began.

After “The Hospital” and “The Cathedral”, “The Villa” is the last chapter of the Allison’s Diary horror trilogy, where you will relive, through flashbacks and immersive cinematic effects, the frightening night in which Allison killed her parents in 1956.

With the help of your faithful flashlight and nothing more, prepare to face an infernal journey into the terrible truth.

Terrifying jump scares and a super realistic environment make “The Villa” one of the best virtual reality horror experiences.

User Reviews

Mar 21, 2018
Third and last terrifying chapter!

Aug 13, 2019
Spooky ghost train.
Controls are silly. Take some figuring out.

Apr 15, 2019
Great Horror Experience. Very short but with inifinity its totally worth it.
Enjoy the dark atmosphere and ghostly vibe.

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