The Walker Killer-易朗(大连)网络科技有限公司

Released May 2017 1.0★
In 2065, national laboratory created a virus that make people manic in secret. However, it was released and can be carried by both humans and people, so the virus was spread uncontrollably rapidly. After 30 days, City of Leicester was invaded and no survivors… When Tom, a taxi driver, waked up from unconscious, he realized himself in a hospitol’s ICU. He walked along the corridor and try to find anyone else. At last, he walked out and standed in the avenue. Then he began to cry for help. With the night falling, Tom came to a bar for staying overnight but he found there was a lot of dead body on the ground. Suddenly, a bartender with bloodshot eyes cried and rushed to him. Tom was scared and rapidly shouted ran to the avenue. In the meantime, more infectors was awenkend…. A battle for survive will start, please invite your friends enjoy you to wipe out the walkers!

User Reviews

Oct 10, 2017

Zombies just appear, animation is poor and jumpy, game does not always launch, weapons did not feel good, bow was weird and unusable. I definitely do not recommend.

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