Released May 2019 4.5★
Hello~, I’m the developper of this game(@KeyboardMeow). It has been 2 years since my last game. During this time,I personally experienced a difficult process from team disbandment, falling to the bottom, to life-long persistence, to restructuring.Ten years in the game industry,I never regret. and my love of game development has not weakened a cent. I would like to carry on with this persistence and passion.

This is my second VR game.At present,it’s in the stage of EA.Someone Who like this game can add it to your wish list now.A lot of content has been designed and will be updated and improved one after another.

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《The Veteran VR》 is a VR shooting game.The story is about a veteran who has served for more than 20 years and experienced many vicissitudes of life. After he retired from the army, he was childless and lonely. Finally, he joined a mercenary organization called Veteran Trauma, then wandered around the world fighting.Wearing HTC VIVE, you’ll become a mercenary through hundreds of wars, follow the world battlefield with different game experience styles, and earn commissions by constantly fighting and achieving goals, thus unlocking more and better weapons and equipment, and getting a stronger and richer game experience.

Game features: a variety of weapons and guns, different styles of game scenes, different types of checkpoint tasks, random different role images, looking forward to bringing you a refreshing and exciting VR combat experience!

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Game operation:
1. Push the right trigger button for weapon shooting
2. Switch weapon by pressing the left controller grip button
3. When transmission is available, use the left controller to aim and pull the trigger button to switch the hidden point.

User Reviews

Jun 10, 2019
Loved the game, please continue to make content for it

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