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Released Nov 2018 5.0★
Can you get out of the virtual reality escape house? This old house isn’t one you want to stay in if you can help it, but you might have to use your brain to think through the games and challenges in the field of chemical reactions. Be a puzzle solver and see if you can escape this house in time. Boom! Then take a trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to learn about combustion engines. Yes, you get to learn about chemistry at the world’s most famous racetrack. Every time an engine turns, there are hundreds of small explosions that power the engine. Cool. Did you say coronal mass ejection? Well, this whiteboard animation is fun and fascinating and oh yeah, you might learn a couple things about solar flares and CME’s. As always, Wendy, our national runner-up teacher of the year, dazzles students with her experiment. This time, watch out for the explosion that gets a bit too close to our teacher. If you are going to learn about stoichiometry, you might as well watch an animation to figure it out. This challenging concept is suddenly a lot more fun and easy once you enter the VictoryVR world. As always, VictoryVR curriculum may be fun and fascinating, but each unit is tied to Next Gen Science Standards so that it is directly tied to learning in today’s classrooms. -Solve puzzles and brain games to get out of the escape house. -Learn about chemical reactions at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway -Coronal mass ejections? Solar flares? This animation introduces us to both. -National runner-up teacher of the year, Wendy Martin, blows things up in her experiment teaching about chemical reactions. -All lessons based on Next Gen Science Standards -All units are related to the chemistry of chemical reactions -See all our VictoryVR units spanning 48 units of science

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Dec 27, 2018
Can’t wait to see more

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